Simple gif Animations

** animated using Adobe Photoshop.. click image for full view **


Video Previews

** animations and original compositions **

A Sailor Moon Links teaser featuring Minako Aino and my original character for this fan comic, Stella Xion. They’re simply chatting but I included a voice from for my oc and I played the Sailor Moon theme in piano. I used LogicPro to edit the audio, Adobe Photoshop and iMovie for the video. Watch the video.

Til Then was just a storyboard project til I heard the perfect background music for it. Pencil art done using a mechanical pencil 0.7 and colored in Adobe Photoshop. Created using Windows Movie Maker with background music credits to Full Moon wo Sagashite OST. Watch the video.

This video shows a before and after process of the image featuring my original music composition (also a work in progress). Used LogicPro and iMovie for this one. Watch the video.

This video is for a school project done using Photoshop for the artworks, After Effects for the animation, edited sound using LogicPro and video created using iMovie.

Original audio and sound effects were composed for the game version but I don’t have the final file so I improvised and used a different music for my personal version.

more latest videos in my youtube