reirei18picKristine Mae De Leon, also known as reirei18, is a self-taught traditional artist with proficiency in digital painting using Adobe Photoshop since 2009. She worked on concepts and character art for the Tim Horton’s Farm Game (PC), contributed character art for Aah Impossible Rescue (Xbox360) and concept artist for the remake of Love and War (PC). She also exhibits on various convention in US & Canada, got featured in the Winnipeg Free Press (2012) and had a segment at ShawTV Winnipeg Art (2018). Currently a freelance artist, Game Master for an online rhythm game called BandMaster (for PC see Games) and an online anime art instructor for pre-teens and teens via Forum Art Centre since 2019.

Art Style Specialty: anime/manga, semi-realism

Skills: concept art, illustration, character design, storyboard, community support (MMO), rhythm gaming.. :)

Tools: Mechanical Pencil 0.7, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Windows 10, mouse to color

Hobbies/Interest: Playing online games, video games and mobile games, drawing and designing, watching anime and asian drama, playing the piano, speaking in Japanese/Korean and learning other languages. I’m also interested in astronomy and mystery like detective stuff and psychological horror films and others..

Fact: I prefer listening to music/re-watch an old anime/drama while drawing. Actually, this is becoming a must every time I grab those pencils or open photoshop.

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