• March 23, 2020-Present – BANDMASTER GLOBAL[BandMaster]20200329_092201_21Position: Game Manager/Active Player (IGN: gummie)
    Signing out from the other server, we have moved to this one for all reasons. I guess whether I am or not, people will still ask me anyway so I became a GM as usual.
  • October 13, 2013-March 23, 2020 – BANDMASTER ONLINEbandmasteronlinePosition: Game Tester/Game Master/Forum Developer/Graphic Designer
    Helped pitch ideas during pre-production and implementation of new features. Provide quality assurance and bug reports during alpha and beta testing. Create UI design, logo design, launcher design and some in-game items. Create graphic images used for event postings and announcements. Create documents for online guides and all other information in the forum. Manage international community, provide customer support and help relay international concerns to the main admin (Thai). Work closely with main admin and other Thai staff via online.
  • September 20, 2015 – June 30, 2017 – ZETA RAGNAROK ONLINErpsPosition: Game Master/Forum & Events Moderator/Graphic Designer
    Migrated from Ragnarok Private Servers, same duties under the same administration. Always present in forum and in game as a player and as a Game Master. Keeping the server alive around midnight server time (which is lunch time for me). Active in hosting events and random chitchats with fellow gamers.
  • July 9, 2014-September 13, 2015 – RAGNAROK PRIVATE SERVERSrpsPosition: Game Master/Graphic Designer
    Actively communicate with players tending concerns or questions about the game and server. Provide support and assistance in game, monitoring online environment and forum moderation, documentation for quest guides and game tips. Creating, organizing and executing GM events. Keeping the community under control and punishing rule breakers. Occasionally creating graphic images used for event postings and announcements when needed. Work closely with admin and other staff via online.


GAME ART (contributions only)