It’s the very first game project I worked on at the early start of my school year at the Academy of Design at RCC. This was a collaborative project with the seniors (3rd term) as the main developers while we, the 1st terms, help them with their assets.

During my first term, my contributions were environments. It was my first time doing environments and landscapes.. It was fun and I gained a lot of experience especially with digital painting. It was just painful to do it with a mouse but I got over it somehow.

Eh, I just recently added the moon and not included in the game.. ^^; this background is made up of 5-8 layers (foreground mountains, background mountains, big clouds, small clouds front, small clouds back, sky and 2 layers of stars.) This was the example of the sky transition (16 layers)

This whole environment was done in photoshop cs4 with a mouse. I think it was also my first time working on all digital without scanning something. It was worth trying and it made me want to do more landscapes after this. ;)

I also get to create enemy concepts during this term.. my first original monster concept ever…. were not good. >v<  They were random scribbles but later on I polished during the school year. The first two were improvised for this game as seen below while the muddy monster were later on revised for a different school game project (Nightmare).

The project continues til my 2nd term. This time, I’m doing the enemy soldiers. I had to create the concept close to the main character.

Everything’s done using Adobe Illustrator including the coloring. I could’ve done it in photoshop but i guess I was lazy to transfer.. =P

I finished my contributions earlier so I helped out with the digital part of the other enemies.

This was a really tricky concept by Vanessa Trepanier. I didn’t know I’m only supposed to do the parts not the animation.. >x<

This one is a concept by Jaime Johnston. It was a bit rushed but it was not that complex.

That concludes my contributions for this project.

This is just a little extra.. I put together my contributions less the frog coz it came in late. ^^;


I got to play the actual game and it’s not like this ^ lol.. oh well, everything I did for this project was definitely a great experience!