This PC game was exclusively made for Tim Horton’s Onondaga Farms activity.

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reirei18 and team RCC Academy of Design © 2011

A fun experience that I remember is going to the actual site for farm education, gather reference materials and discuss the project with the client. It was fun.. except I remember getting lost on the way there.. way to go Matt Chan~ hahaha.. just kidding.  Here are some pics of the site at Onondaga Farm @ St.George, ON (April 19,2010)

One experience that I will probably never forget about this project is how it was supposed to be a stop motion. I was the art lead and got assigned to do the clay figures for the main assets. Starting off with the one and only human character that turned out to be something else……. hehehe…… oh dear.. >___<

I cursed the hard clay for being so hard and I remember the pain and callouses to the point that I thought I won’t be able to draw again after this project…. *exaggerated*

After they realize that stop motion is too time consuming/stressful and costs us something, they finally concluded this game to be on 2D animation which costs us nothing. Concepts delivered.. assets done. It’s a PC game for kids who are attending the farm program by Tim Horton’s so I went for the cutesy cartoony look. Acceptable.fggilfgsheepfgcowfgchickenSad to say I did not see the actual game. I had to fly back to my hometown immediately after my contributions are done and the game was already submitted before I knew it. But overall, it was a great experience. We learned how to adapt, compromise and we managed to get it done on time regardless of the tight schedule.

Never again clay stop motion. :(