Late October 2010. It all started from a simple note in Deviantart from Admiral Styles, the creator of this epic RPG. I was asked to draw the characters for Act II. I saw the note, their website, some previous character designs and more information, I instantly drew the concepts I had in mind… I don’t think I replied to him coz I was too excited and just drew these so I can reply with something…

I was planning to just sketch it quickly but then I thought I should present it nicely so I did some clean up…. but now that I look at it again, they look distorted… lol…… OTL

Anyways, it turns out that Act II is not gonna be in production until Act I revamp is finished and so I was asked to work on the remake of the Love and War Act 1.. my roles: art for profile and cutscenes.

Admiral wanted me to draw the characters in full body so it can be used as a promo thing. Here they are in my style.

I was working on 2 other game projects at school, commissions and other excuses. I understand that I volunteered coz I didn’t imagine that it’d be a terribly busy year so I really appreciate Admiral for all the patience.. gaah… In the end, I only finished coloring 4 characters after knowing my partner, King-sama, will do the coloring for the game art and background. Nevertheless, I did my own presentation for the 4 characters I colored:

You can see King-sama’s colored version at the top of this post and you’ll see them in the intro of the game. I invited other artists  after knowing that Admiral is looking for different artists of varied styles for LAW side stories. I knew King-sama from and I thought he’ll do the other side story but I’m really glad and thankful that I get to collaborate with him for this main game. My art felt like it leveled up without killing a poring.. *leech mode* lol..

It was really a relief that the “King-sama” is doing this with me. I just somehow felt bad for inviting him to do so much while he’s at school too especially with his art skills, he could’ve earned well for this job… unfortunately, there was nothing offered.. but I guess I offered him my time and some of my sketches.. lol.. –he already colored a lot of my works even before we joined this project.. (off track but this person is just amazing and I’m really honored to work with him.. check out his gallery –> here <–)

So anyways, it was already 2011 by the time I get to work on the cutscenes.. I was granted 2 weeks off at school in the early start of the year because of the Nightmare project so I took this time to work on LAW cutscenes.. there are 9 cutscenes plus some subdivisions like in scene 2, there are additional 5 scenes of different acts.. i guess in total there were more than 20 pieces.. there were also scenes where their expressions change but it was not that difficult to do.. there was just a little misunderstanding with Admiral when I tried to question the efficiency of some certain scene.. I guess I learned my lesson here.. I’m just an artist after all… v_v” but talk about milestones and deadlines, dropping some ideas and a little sacrifice won’t lower the quality of the game just because of the reduced quantity especially if time is an issue. At least I tried.. =P I managed to finish all of the cutscenes.. a lot of feedbacks on the sketch part and I did my best with the lineart so King-sama can color without any worries. He’s doing the background too so at least the characters will be easy to color.

In the LAW website, you can see the previous art for cutscenes.. scene-wise, he wanted to stick with the previous images so only the art style changed.. but here’s a preview of the ones that are not yet in the LAW site.. (click them for full view)


and probably some of the cutscene extras I suggested won’t be implemented like the silhouette scene there in which i added petals to make it more romantic.. but it’s not necessary anyways so they probably just went for the simple silhouettes.. >v<!

I tried my best to stay close to the characters from the character face sets used in the game and I hope the veteran players will appreciate this new art and new players will enjoy the art as much as they’ll enjoy the story and overall game experience. It’s a great game and brilliant script! It made me love the characters in just a few hours of playing the game.

I would definitely recommend this game especially if you’re an RPG fan. Download here.

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