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Before I became part of the staff team for this private server, I was just a simple gamer addicted to this game. I started playing since February 2012 in BandMaster PH until the official server shut down on October 2013. Other private servers appeared but this one is closest to the game we used to love back in the old days.

BandMaster Global server officially opened March 23, 2020. Managed by a Vietnamese administrator and a fellow gamer with active staffs from Philippines, Canada and Korea.


The community is alive and more importantly, the song levels are expanded to higher levels to accommodate our pro rhythm gamers (currently up to song lvl 99 and we have active user created charters submitting their new songs for our monthly update.)



Spectating in community let’s you see their note skin of choice and their speed. Also now, spectators can see the performance stats of the player via chatbox. (Kura is…buko!haha)

Multiplayer allows everyone in the room to play the same instrument at the same time. [BandMaster]20200519_235748_02

This mode (SOS battle) features hp bars for each player with the possibility to fail the song if someone is not resurrected before the song ends. Each player earns significant exp and bux based on their own performance. Join as audience to spectate any player is available too. (Audience doesn’t gain exp or bux)

With more features to be developed, this server will bring new life to the old game we know but still features the same fun yet competitive rhythm game with community and avatar customization. (scroll down for my previous avatar sets)

Anyways, I am more of an active player than a Game Master but I still do my GM duties like events~ we do events once in a while since our admin is also a veteran player, competitive and approachable. And since we can all interact in community, doing fun activities like rock paper scissors or simply having a soundtrip, I can almost say, we’re back home~


We welcome rhythm game lovers in all levels and any country. We are global after all.

If you are new to this game, here’s my review:

BandMaster is not just an ordinary 6-keys rhythm game because accuracy is a big deal. Every key you press will have a sound so you must press it on the right time to produce a good music… but it takes a lot of practice and feelings. This game offers to play different instruments for each song and has different patterns (note chart) corresponding to the sound of the instrument. Another thing I like with this game is you can control the sound especially when playing the piano or guitar, if you hold the keys, the sound will be held too and when playing drums, you can press extra keys and do a remix. ^_^ Sometimes you just feel like it should have a note to press there and in fact, you can edit the chart or create your own pattern for each instrument. I tried it and it takes a lot of patience especially if the song is hard. Good thing we have dedicated note charters.

This is a good example of an easy song..

The instrument is only playing the lead piano part and all notes are rightfully placed according to the sound. Good job to my friend for doing the chart for this song. ^_^

Now this is an example of a hard song with mixed instruments sound in the note chart.

See how the chart has notes for the sound of piano and drums. Even though I’m playing in practice mode (no game over if I can’t press correctly) I didn’t finish the song coz I know I’ll mess it up. LOL…

Song level and difficulty varies. I’ve seen some low level songs that has easy bass and drums but has a crazy guitar. And sometimes BPM or speed of the song is a factor.

In the end, it takes a lot of practice to play it right and get used to pressing the keys in a specific pattern on the right time. The best thing with this game is… unlike any other games, rhythm games cannot be cheated. It’s all about hand skill. I used this game as an excuse to warm up my hands before drawing and before I know it, I’ve been playing a lot and enjoying the other songs and community.

Community…… a great feature of this game with its wide selection of items in the shop. From instruments to accessories, clothes, wings and even pets that grow every hour so this is why I leave my laptop on even while I’m sleeping so when I wake up I’ll see my pet bigger than my character.. but if I got disconnected, it goes back to that tiny pinky size.. pets give extra bonus in multiplay and a great display in the community hahaha.


I really enjoy dressing up my character. Look at my collection from the old server in PH~

chara sets2I think I spent more than a thousand canadian dollars for those sets hahaha… I just didn’t notice because everything was cheap until I put all my expenses together… omg.. but I enjoyed it well. Overall, the gaming experience is satisfying if you’re looking for a rhythm game that also features community for social purposes.

Check out this video of my bandmaster days in the PH server. ^___^

Meanwhile, here’s a video I found to help you understand what this game is about:

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