While travels are restricted due to COVID-19, online orders of prints and commissions are available! See here


Here are some confirmed locations and dates for my artist alley exhibit and other activities:

Conventions are cancelled due to work.. sorry guys!! Email me for prints/poster inquiries~

February – LVL UP EXPO (Las Vegas)
March – GalaxyCon Richmond (Virginia)
August – PuchiCon (New Jersey)

May – Anime Central (Chicago)
July – FanExpo Denver (Colorado)
August – Anime-zing! (Iowa)
August – Regina Expo (Saskatoon)
October – Valley Con (Fargo)
December – GalaxyCon Columbus (Ohio)

January – CTV NEWS Morning Live – Online Anime Class featured (Winnipeg)

January – CTV NEWS Morning Live – Winter term class featured (Winnipeg)
February – WinterFest (Winnipeg)
March – BandMaster Global (Game Master, PC)
May – Sask Expo (Regina)
May – Anime Central (Chicago)
July – GanbatteCon (Saskatoon)
October – QCAnifest (Regina)
October – ValleyCon (Fargo)
November – GalaxyCon (Minneapolis)

February – WinterFest (artist alley, Winnipeg)
April – Manitoba Comic Con (artist alley, Winnipeg)
April – International Fan Festival (artist alley, Toronto)
May – KeyCon (artist alley, Winnipeg)
June – FanQuest (artist alley, Winnipeg)
June – Animaritime (artist alley, New Brunswick)
July – Pretty Heroes Con (artist alley, Toronto)
July – Ai-kon (vendor hall, Winnipeg)
August – Animanga (artist alley, Pomona)
August – Animethon (artist alley, Edmonton)
August – Queen City Anifest (artist alley, Regina)
September – AnimeFargo (artist alley, Fargo)
September – Artists Emporium (workshop, Winnipeg)
October – ValleyCon (artist alley, Fargo)
November – GalaxyCon (artist alley, Minneapolis)
November – Forum Art Fair (live demo, Winnipeg)
November – Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment (workshop, Portage La Prairie)

January – WPG@rt via ShawTV channel 9 (feature)
February – Horror & Sci-fi Expo (artist alley, Winnipeg)
February – Pinta! Paint Series (Winnipeg)
March – Kawaiikon 2018 (artist alley, Hawaii)
April – Yoli Philippines Member Rally (conference, Philippines)
April – Artist Profile via ShawTV channel 9 (interview, feature)
April – Ozine Fest (artist alley, Philippines)
June – Pretty Heroes Con (artist alley, Toronto)
July – Ganbatte Con (artist alley, Saskatoon)
July – Ai-kon (artist alley, Winnipeg)
August – Yoli Imagine 2018 (conference, Utah)
September – Edmonton Expo (artist alley, Edmonton)
October – Central Canada Comic Con (artist alley, Winnipeg)

January – Yoli Better Body Resolution (conference, Toronto)
January – One Ok Rock concert (Toronto)
February – Horror Con (artist alley, Winnipeg)
February – MYMP concert (Winnipeg)
February – Better Body Presentation (conference, Toronto-Hamilton)
March – Better Body Party-Customer Appreciation Party (Winnipeg)
April – Ozine Fest (attendee and meeting online gamers, Philippines)
April – Laguna, La Union-Vigan, Tagaytay-Batangas, Cebu trip (vacation, Philippines)
May – Masbate Fiesta, Ticao island hopping, barrio hopping (outreach, Philippines)
June – A-kon (artist alley, Texas)
June – Amazing Comic Convention (artist alley, Las Vegas)
June – Otafest (artist alley, Calgary)
July – Ai-kon (artist alley, Winnipeg)
August – GoDaikoCon (artist alley, Dearborn)
August – Yoli Inspire 2017 (conference, Utah)
October – Yoli Transform U 2017 (conference, Philadelphia)
November – Yoli Super BBP (conference, Edmonton)

Mastermind (conference, Orlando)
C4 (artist alley, Winnipeg)
Yoli TransformU (conference, Toronto)
Yoli Achieve 2016 (conference, Utah)
AnimeFest (artist alley, Texas)
Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con (artist alley, Nevada)
Kawaiikon (artist alley, Hawaii)
Sakura-con (artist alley, Seattle)
Horror Con (artist alley, Winnipeg)

Anime USA (artist alley, DC)
One Ok Rock concert in Toronto
Winnipeg Tox Expo (artist alley, Winnipeg)
ZetaRO (Game Master, PC)
Otakuthon (artist alley, Montreal)
Dead Lounge (game artist, PC)
River City Comic & Toy Expo (artist alley, Winnipeg)
FanExpo Regina (artist alley, Regina)
Exultant Ragnarok Online (Graphic Artist)
BandMaster Online (Game Master, PC)
PlayRPS (Game Master, PC)

BandMaster Online (Game Master, PC)
Wonderland Anime Festival (artist alley, Winnipeg)
Winnipeg Toy Expo (artist alley, Winnipeg)
PlayRPS (Game Master, PC)
Ai-kon (dealers, Winnipeg)
Toy Con (artist alley, Winnipeg)

Ozine Fest (artist alley, Philippines)
Anime North (artist alley, Toronto)
Ai-kon (dealers, Winnipeg)
Anime Expo (artist alley, Los Angeles)
C4 (artist alley, Winnipeg)
BandMaster Online (game dev and moderator, PC)

Winnipeg Free Press (News Paper, Winnipeg)
Anime North (artist alley, Toronto)
Winnipeg Comic and Toy Expo (artist alley, Winnipeg)
Anime Angels (art book)

Central Canada Comic Con (artist alley, Winnipeg)
Fanexpo (artist alley, Toronto)
GAIA (art book)
Ai-kon (artist alley, Winnipeg)
Anime Next (artist alley, New Jersey)
Anime North (artist alley, Toronto)
KeyCon (art show, Winnipeg) – unattended but I submitted my works for auction.
Island Fantasy (art book)
Gen0+ (artist, PC)
Nightmare (game art and design, PC)

FanExpo (1st convention attended with FalseDelusion and snowpi, Toronto)
DotCon (1st artist alley, Toronto)
Love and War (game art, PC)
Tim Hortons Farm Game (game art and design, PC)
Angels Visual Novel (game artist, PC)
AIR (game artist, Xbox360)

Project Rebirth (game art and design, PC)
Kiseki Manga (magazine)
(art book)
My Otaku Life (manga)

One Day You’ll Meet Him (video)
Sailor Moon Links (manga)
The Link (manga)

One Day You’ll Meet Him (manga)