Horror Con 2016

Where: RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg
When: February 13-14, 2016


Thanks to the generous table space, I was able to display bigger posters and more stands which helped grabbed people’s attention. And luckily my spot is near the autograph session for Kane Hodder aka Jason, I got extra audience. He’s so close.. I got a stolen shot of him smiling in my camera lol… cute.


He did some stunts but it was too sudden I wasn’t able to record.. oh well.. watch his films!

Some people took pics of me and my art… In my head I thought maybe one of them is a newspaper contributor again haha… (2012 news)

Lots of zombies and horror stuff display. It’s a horror con, but more like an exhibition. Still a good show for those who are into horror but I didn’t see any horror house.. I was kinda expecting the entrance would be a hall of something like a horror house but nothing, just displays.. the only horror thing that happened was that guy in guitar randomly screaming out of nowhere… creepy. It’s weird that they’re doing a horror theme convention during valentines but I guess it worked?

No idea about other vendors but even though we were in a good spot, it’s still super slow in terms of sales but lots of people walking by especially touching the big prints.. at first I mind, but later on I just, whatever… but thanks to the slow times, I was able to draw again.. omg.. haha!


A girl saw me drawing this and wowed at first but when she came back about an hour later she said, “aaaaaand she’s still drawing the hair!” *stomps* LOL….. how can she be impatient while I’m trying to be patient haha… but hairs.. probably because it’s been a long time since I last drew some hair that I put extra effort and more cautious on doing it now? I got a band aid on my finger to help decrease the pressure.. that’s my tip for today and that concludes this blog.

If I don’t procrastinate further, this’ll be ready for Sakuracon this March! *fingers crossed*

Next convention: Sakuracon in Seattle, WA. Confirmed! See you there~