Sakura-Con 2016

Where: Washington State Convention Center, Seattle WA
When: March 25-27, 2016

First time in Seattle and I know for sure where to go haha.. Majority of Seattle goers will visit the Space Needle but I didn’t… maybe next time… I was more excited to visit these food chains that’s not available in Canada. They were my childhood fast food way back in the Philippines… so I just gotta go there and eat.. <3 Thanks to my gamer friends for the treats!! ^___^


Sakura-con, very short hours for vendors but kept us busy especially since I’m sharing table with my long lost convention-mate Falsedelusion haha… we don’t have a pic together aww.. :( we even slept together with her capybara fluffy plushie haha..

Behold these amazing cosplayers.. especially that Sailor Neptune OMG… perfect~ <3


more cosplay pics in my facebook page >> view album <<

new artworks featured in Sakura-con:

and I’m in the process of finishing 2 more for the next convention… in Hawaii~~