Kawaiikon 2016

Where: Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu
When: April 8-10, 2016


You know it’s Hawaii when you see the coconut trees but Hawaii Oat Cake? good to know~

First time in Hawaii and oh dear, the jet lag is real! I wasn’t able to tour around even though I had an extra day after the convention.. I used it for relaxation and shopping….. LOL… but there shall be next time in Hawaii~

The convention, Kawaiikon is rather small and slower than expected.. 12hrs of showtime in the artist alley is exhausting… @_@ You’ll see fellow artist roaming around the alley just because there’s a lot of idle times haha… anyways…. I met a lot of amazing people including a multi-talented guy who let me have a sample of his truffles mochi invention? hahaha.. it’s sooo good…… if you’re in Hawaii, check it out!


Meanwhile, here are some of the amazing cosplayers that I’ve encountered~


there’s more in my facebook album: HERE

So if there’s one thing I learned from this convention, that’d be not to rely on posters. Sales were good but could’ve been better if I had something unique – like my silk poster but still a poster haha… I’ll think about it~ and of course, new fanart is always nice to have. I really should go back to drawing…. >v<!

On a side note, the locals are nice and friendly.. there’s a few customers who purchased stuff who don’t have enough cash and I don’t accept cards so they paid through Paypal…  glad there’s an honor system in Hawaii.. honesty is the best policy! Many thanks for the chitchats, the after-con messages I got (which I have not yet replied — got sooooo busy with deadlines) and of course the extra orders are always very much appreciated! Sorry for the delay in shipping and for the wait on some commissions… been a fruitful experience here~ I’m hoping to come back next year… already pre-registered so see you again next year? ^_^


I bought this capybara plushie omg… so fluffy… so cute!! I was just carrying it around the airport and totally got some attention…. LOL…….. he got his well-deserved seat in the plane on our way back home~ ^w^