Inktober 2020

#inktober2020 is here and I thought of focusing my prompts based on our game~

Hey fellow artists and aspiring artists!! Here’s a good drawing practice and challenge!

Most prompts are available in any ragnarok server but some are exclusive in Darkside – The Force Awakens or you can improvise!

If you’re doing this prompt list, you can check for some item preview or if you need help on what it looks like, just pm me or see you in game.. 😉

The golden rule for this inktober challenge is, the finished work must be in ink (ballpen/marker) but I will only use ballpen from sketch to finish.. that’s my personal challenge~ no erase…. feel free to do the same or do it your way.. just have fun with these daily prompts! Commit…if not, make up for it! Good luck, have fun! I will try to stream my works too~ :3

#ragnarok #inktober #DarksideRO

[GIVEAWAY] Sailor Moon Print SET

Hey guys~ I’m doing a facebook giveaway!! I was able to hit 1000+ page likes and 1000+ followers so I would like to take this chance to do a simple giveaway!!

Click the image to go to the facebook post or click HERE.

I’ll also randomly select 5 winners from the comments! This set is the back to back print and each is worth $10 in the conventions I go to… but you have a chance to get all 5 prints for free~ simply join my facebook promotion and you’ll have your chance! Good luck!! Shoutout to this old website.. I dont blog much hahaha but thanks to whoever’s following here!!


My Discord

Hey guys~ long time no blog post hehe.. just want to invite you all to join my discord server for easier communication and updates! Some art-share, game-share, soundtrip, recommendations and random chatting…

Special name color for artists / gamers / supporters / students / etc..

I created a couple of voice channels for voice chatting. I’ll be using them too while streaming~

Click HERE to join~
Also, I’ll be doing my online art classes via discord!

STARTER: (only with KOHAI role can view this private channel)
– step by step tutorial on how to draw characters in anime/manga style
– character creation & design
– shading & coloring basics
– basic lineart
– simple background to complete the picture!

ADVANCE: (only with SENPAI role can view this private channel)
//no drawing basics will be taught, straight to tips, techniques and workshop//
– reirei18 shading style
– folds and lineart techniques
– shadows and color
– concepts and character making
– illustration and composition

For a one-on-one session, send me a message with your preferred time and day. First come first serve.

PS: You’ll need to register for an account in discord (it’s free!)
I recommend downloading the app but you can also use discord in your browser.

Giveaway Winners

Video for attention…jk.

Previously, I hosted a giveaway event in my facebook page. Many thanks to those who participated! The people who voted for the inner senshi automatically wins a print… but for contest’s sake, I randomized 5 winners from the Serenity list. Watch the real-time vid here. Thankfully the website shows a timestamp so there’s no way to mess it up hehe.

Thanks again for those who participated~ it was fun and inspiring to see there are still interested viewers despite my inactivity in social media. As I’ve been saying, “I’ll try to draw more and be active”, let’s do it again this year! Only this time, more action hehe.

Stay tune on my fb page or instagram for more sketches/drawings/giveaways!

If you are one of the winners, please contact me on how to claim your prize!
Some prints have been shipped out already~

^ Kelly Smith picking up her extra orders~ 01/20/2019 @ Polo Park, Winnipeg.