Giveaway Winners

Video for attention…jk.

Previously, I hosted a giveaway event in my facebook page. Many thanks to those who participated! The people who voted for the inner senshi automatically wins a print… but for contest’s sake, I randomized 5 winners from the Serenity list. Watch the real-time vid here. Thankfully the website shows a timestamp so there’s no way to mess it up hehe.

Thanks again for those who participated~ it was fun and inspiring to see there are still interested viewers despite my inactivity in social media. As I’ve been saying, “I’ll try to draw more and be active”, let’s do it again this year! Only this time, more action hehe.

Stay tune on my fb page or instagram for more sketches/drawings/giveaways!

If you are one of the winners, please contact me on how to claim your prize!
Some prints have been shipped out already~

^ Kelly Smith picking up her extra orders~ 01/20/2019 @ Polo Park, Winnipeg.

Free 2019 calendar

Click on the image to download the printable file.

FOCUS. There is no need for plan B because it distracts you from plan A. Stay on track!

With that said and as the header picture in this calendar suggests, I will be focusing on my Sailor Moon artworks for 2019. I was listening to inspirational and motivational audios and heard several times to focus on what you’re good at if you want to be successful. May this make sense to people who are experiencing similar or related dilemmas in life haha! My previous conventions proved me that my Sailor Moon fanarts are still my best sellers and attracting most attention along with my original characters. Some fanart from other series are still gonna take space in my booth, especially the series that inspires me to the point that I want to draw them and share to everyone but I will claim the “Sailor Moon booth” in conventions so I can be easily recognized among the crowds hehe.. coz I heard people say “that Sailor Moon booth” in some cons, might as well stick to it! Thanks for the ideas and suggestions! I’ll see you in my next conventions this year, check my activities for the list of confirmed locations. I missed the registrations for some cons but I appreciate the invite! Please keep inviting me to the cons near you~

May your 2019 be filled with steps to success. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Organize your plans and do your action steps! There’s no such thing as multitasking so stay on focus!

Note to my self for 2019.
Happy holidays to all! God bless~

July Vacation

When: July 9-18

Where: Orlando – New York

Family vacation is an annual thing for us but this year we went to Magic Kingdom for the first time! Surely 1 day is not enough to explore this so I shall return with my kids in the future haha.. but the heat is real omg so if you’re from Canada and used to the cold temperature even during summer, don’t go to Orlando during summer! No. Best month would probably be December and escape the cold winter in Canada. Yes. That’d be ideal for my next visit to Florida~


Next stop is to Universal Studios.. also first time going here and the rides were great! It’s just smaller compared to Magic Kingdom and you can explore this in a day or not even.. We came early so there’s not too much lineup in the rides. We were basically done within 8hrs with a lot of breaks in between.. it’s so hot but not as hot and humid as in Magic Kingdom coz they have fans and cool shops within a few steps.


Am I going back to Universal Studios Orlando? Yes… and retake this pic.. I didn’t get a full pic of that full word haha but the rides were definitely a must-see and must-try! I highly recommend the Minions ride and of course, definitely, the Transformers ride! It’s worth waiting in the line.. it’s breezy anyways~

Last stop, we went to visit our relatives in New Jersey and went to New York. As always, busy city and lots of people taking pictures.. including us… hehe.


We went to watch a broadway show called “Beautiful” a Carol King musical.. indeed, it’s beautiful! The casts were amazing and deserves that standing ovation. And of course, we can’t end our trip without a fine dining @ Carmine’s near Time Square.


Look at those huge servings! Most importantly, look at my relatives.. they’re bigger than me.. Suddenly I became the smallest in our group.. and probably the youngest looking… just kidding.. I’m the 3rd oldest (except for 4 parents).

We’ll visit again someday… and I’ll see them again if I get an artist table in AnimeNext. I’ve been planning this since 2 years ago? Haha.. I’ll try my luck next year~ I’m gonna enjoy my 3 weeks rest before I head off to Texas for Anime Fest! :)


Amazing Comic Con (Las Vegas) 2016

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas
When: June 17-19, 2016

Hello Vegas~


I’m not here to gamble and lose money, I came for the Amazing Comic Convention haha. Indeed, it’s a comic con and despite the fact that I only had anime stuff in my table, I got sold out a few times which forced me to reprint though expensive, I can’t say no to those who wanted to buy my sailor moon prints…. yes, sailor moon…. hurray for the classic anime fans!


My artist alley display, along with an online friend from BandMaster! Nice to meet you Jude and thanks for helping me out in my table haha! :)

I got some pics of amazing cosplayers… (a few more in this album)


if you notice that iron man…. @o@!! it’s a very very good cosplay or is it the real thing? hahaha…. so much resemblance!!


I got a stolen shot of him talking to his friend because he’s such a nice guy who helped us call a cab.. it all started when he asked me about a vending machine.. lol…. apparently he’s called the hollywood iron man… i’m not too sure but that’s what I remember haha… anyway, such a nice guy.. thanks for sharing the cab with us!

The convention went well for me and because of that, I spent a lot unknowingly… I had money to spend so why not but I kinda regret not budgeting well for my next trips!! Oh well…. it’s Vegas anyways…. we stayed in such a nice hotel room during the con~


As for the actual Vegas part, we went to Planet Hollywood~


We watched a show called The Ultimate Variety Show.. it made me cry.. tears of joy haha.. I wasn’t expecting to laugh out so much or was I getting tipsy? probably not hahahaha.. amazing performances especially the comedy part was the best part! We enjoyed our 10PM dinner after the show and I finally got a selfie with Chrissy aka FalseDelusion <3


I remember waking up full after that steak so I had extra energy on the last day of the con.. The comic con overall was beyond my expectation.. well, I wasn’t really expecting much from a “comic” con since I’m an anime artist but the pleasant surprise from the first day made me really happy and because of that I pre-registered for next year… so see you again next year! ^_^

After con we enjoyed our dinner at the Bazaar Meat @ SLS..another filling dinner~


too bad the pic turned out dark but the steak was really goooood and worth the money haha… and finally, our stay in Vegas ended in this nice room @ SLS


Some Little Sketch to end this blog..


though the first day of the con was super busy to the point that I feel bad for my friend being there but I couldn’t entertain or talk much to him, the next day calmed down so I was able to continue this~ and to be continued again someday… LOL

Next con is in Texas for Anime Fest! I hope I don’t express rush print this time but before printing, I need to do some drawing…. :3