[GIVEAWAY] Sailor Moon Print SET

Hey guys~ I’m doing a facebook giveaway!! I was able to hit 1000+ page likes and 1000+ followers so I would like to take this chance to do a simple giveaway!!

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I’ll also randomly select 5 winners from the comments! This set is the back to back print and each is worth $10 in the conventions I go to… but you have a chance to get all 5 prints for free~ simply join my facebook promotion and you’ll have your chance! Good luck!! Shoutout to this old website.. I dont blog much hahaha but thanks to whoever’s following here!!


Free 2019 calendar

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FOCUS. There is no need for plan B because it distracts you from plan A. Stay on track!

With that said and as the header picture in this calendar suggests, I will be focusing on my Sailor Moon artworks for 2019. I was listening to inspirational and motivational audios and heard several times to focus on what you’re good at if you want to be successful. May this make sense to people who are experiencing similar or related dilemmas in life haha! My previous conventions proved me that my Sailor Moon fanarts are still my best sellers and attracting most attention along with my original characters. Some fanart from other series are still gonna take space in my booth, especially the series that inspires me to the point that I want to draw them and share to everyone but I will claim the “Sailor Moon booth” in conventions so I can be easily recognized among the crowds hehe.. coz I heard people say “that Sailor Moon booth” in some cons, might as well stick to it! Thanks for the ideas and suggestions! I’ll see you in my next conventions this year, check my activities for the list of confirmed locations. I missed the registrations for some cons but I appreciate the invite! Please keep inviting me to the cons near you~

May your 2019 be filled with steps to success. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Organize your plans and do your action steps! There’s no such thing as multitasking so stay on focus!

Note to my self for 2019.
Happy holidays to all! God bless~