Giveaway Winners

Video for attention…jk.

Previously, I hosted a giveaway event in my facebook page. Many thanks to those who participated! The people who voted for the inner senshi automatically wins a print… but for contest’s sake, I randomized 5 winners from the Serenity list. Watch the real-time vid here. Thankfully the website shows a timestamp so there’s no way to mess it up hehe.

Thanks again for those who participated~ it was fun and inspiring to see there are still interested viewers despite my inactivity in social media. As I’ve been saying, “I’ll try to draw more and be active”, let’s do it again this year! Only this time, more action hehe.

Stay tune on my fb page or instagram for more sketches/drawings/giveaways!

If you are one of the winners, please contact me on how to claim your prize!
Some prints have been shipped out already~

^ Kelly Smith picking up her extra orders~ 01/20/2019 @ Polo Park, Winnipeg.