Inktober 2020

#inktober2020 is here and I thought of focusing my prompts based on our game~

Hey fellow artists and aspiring artists!! Here’s a good drawing practice and challenge!

Most prompts are available in any ragnarok server but some are exclusive in Darkside – The Force Awakens or you can improvise!

If you’re doing this prompt list, you can check for some item preview or if you need help on what it looks like, just pm me or see you in game.. 😉

The golden rule for this inktober challenge is, the finished work must be in ink (ballpen/marker) but I will only use ballpen from sketch to finish.. that’s my personal challenge~ no erase…. feel free to do the same or do it your way.. just have fun with these daily prompts! Commit…if not, make up for it! Good luck, have fun! I will try to stream my works too~ :3

#ragnarok #inktober #DarksideRO