Sakura-Con 2016

Where: Washington State Convention Center, Seattle WA
When: March 25-27, 2016

First time in Seattle and I know for sure where to go haha.. Majority of Seattle goers will visit the Space Needle but I didn’t… maybe next time… I was more excited to visit these food chains that’s not available in Canada. They were my childhood fast food way back in the Philippines… so I just gotta go there and eat.. <3 Thanks to my gamer friends for the treats!! ^___^


Sakura-con, very short hours for vendors but kept us busy especially since I’m sharing table with my long lost convention-mate Falsedelusion haha… we don’t have a pic together aww.. :( we even slept together with her capybara fluffy plushie haha..

Behold these amazing cosplayers.. especially that Sailor Neptune OMG… perfect~ <3


more cosplay pics in my facebook page >> view album <<

new artworks featured in Sakura-con:

and I’m in the process of finishing 2 more for the next convention… in Hawaii~~

AnimeUSA 2015 Review

Where: Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington DC
When: Oct.30-Nov.1,2015

First time in Washington, the place is so nice… the only thing is traffic, not traffic as in traffic but too many beeps which you won’t hear much in Canada haha but still a great place and the weather omg is beautiful… a big difference to the weather here in Winterpeg.. i mean Winnipeg.


Anyways, the convention.. as what most people say, it is a very very slow convention….. the only time it was fast was when it’s near closing time.. as in busy! I was like farming crops.. lol.. ah, I miss those farming days in Anime North lol. I’m glad I stayed til 10pm coz people there are really using their time well haha.

My best selling work this time is Erza…. glad I finished it on time.


My Sailor Moon fanart is still popular but only 7 people bought a 5-piece set.. (I counted.. lol) I also sold more posters this time! Sold out Enma Ai and the Sailor Moon team posters.. they’re old but still gold. I’ll be getting rid of some old posters soon.

On the spot commissions, I did one per day.. surprisingly I finished them within an hour because there’s just not too many people..


day 1 was spider girl.. I was like, no.. I can’t, I’ve never done a hairless head but I liked the boobs part.. so ok, it turned out ok.. lol.. day 2 was a commission for panty and stocking from two chicks cosplaying as panty and stocking..


it was almost near closing time and I was hesitant coz there’s people and I wanted to check on those people checking my stuff but I kinda rushed it and did it in an hour… yey.. day 3 was the easiest and it was pleasant to do that original character based from sailor mars and sailor neptune wearing a school uniform.. I was like, oh easy! lol.. made me want to draw mistress 9 from sailor moon after doing that one.. eh, someday~ I’m really lazy to do commissions during conventions coz not only they take my attention away from the people looking around but also gives a lot of pressure on my shoulder… my posture is just terrible when rushing drawings.

cosplayers.. I took a few pics. I’m standing most of the time and was able to catch some.


Other cosplayers in my facebook page >> Anime USA 2015 album

Also, check this out! On the spot request haha.. good job!

That’s about it for AnimeUSA 2015. Met some cool people and thanks to everyone who bought stuff especially the bulk buyers on the last minute. I will probably not gonna be here again coz there are other cons overlapping this one.. but there are other cons near the state. Others have also mentioned that they go to Otakon and Katsucon so I might see them there too. I’ll be looking out for the registration for those cons so see you there too! Cheers!

Otakuthon 2015 Review

where: Palais des congrès de Montréal
when: August 7-9, 2015

It’s my first time in Montreal outside the airport. I’ve been a Canadian citizen for many years now but this is the first time I felt like I’m in a foreign country… LOL. Main language is french and people talk to me in french naturally. I studied Japanese, knows a little Korean and some Thai but I’m in Canada and did not study french. Shame.. :(

Anyways.. the convention.. I dunno. I’m stuck in my artist table in the artist alley as usual and it felt average. I’m not sure if it was worth paying for the premium artist table because we’re just beside the regular artist alley. In the end it’s all about the location of your table and the art gallery…. it was just quietly sitting in the very dark corner. None of my buyers knew about the art gallery thing. I get the same “woah” “kyah” “omg” expressions from people and I somewhat felt bad for not telling them I have exclusive mounted posters in the art gallery for auction because they are already eager to buy the regular/silk posters which are more expensive than the minimum bidding price in the art gallery. I took my pieces down earlier after realizing the gallery is not worth it but anyways… sales in my table were stable. My spot was good enough.. if there’s people, a bunch more will come but if there’s none, there’s none at all. There are some idle moments as in no one’s walking in front of us or it’s just an event hour.. but I’m probably not attracting enough customers because my pipe display was too big to be in a baggage and my cubes were too heavy so I only brought a few. But thanks to my neighbors who had a really huge and tall display, some people walked towards me too.. lol. Nevertheless, I am surprised to have sold out a bunch of pins, bookmarks and prints regardless of my raised price tags (nothing is worth a dollar now – just tried and it works). Someone have said that if they like it, they’ll buy it regardless of the price..and if it’s expensive, they’ll ask for a deal. Nobody asked for a deal, I impulsively offered just because I think they’ll buy more if I offered a deal.. and so they did. I get that “Oh, ok” a lot when I told them it’s 2 for $5 and so on.. and then they take a lot of their time again to choose which one to get. I just noticed they have troubles choosing what. People tell me they want to buy all….. then buy all! LOL…….. hahaha overall, it was a good business! People are nice and friendly.. I just wish I can understand french so I know what they’re talking about while choosing which item and their thoughts about the pics.. oh well~ I also got a few “keep the change” tips from this con.. haha… Merci beaucoup!

This girl, I dunno her name but she’s one of my rich buyers in that con. Thank you for being rich and generous! She bought a Sailor Moon silk poster set plus that last stock of the Sailor Konoha silk poster. It’s hard to order silk posters now and they’re quite expensive to order too so that’ll be the last of that image and she has it now~ *remembrance* ^_^


I saw a few non-cosplaying attendants or I just didn’t see that many since most of my buyers are dressed as some character… there’s a bunch of cool cosplayers as usual!


Check the other pics in my facebook page:

Old friends from Toronto… Me with Sam and Ron.


It’s been more than 2 years since I last saw them! They haven’t changed or rather changed for good but I grew fat so they kinda inspire me to go back to the old me cosplaying and attending more cons outside~

Last day in Montreal we went to the Basilique church in Notre Dame. As expected, the mass is in french haha. I already took pics before I saw the no pics sign.. sorry. =P


And then flew back to Winnipeg… so tired and my feet hurts from all the walking even before the con started. Really really bad idea to explore and do stuff before con starts…. but thank God I was able to managed during the con with my sore feet and tired legs. Also thanks to the nightly salonpas strips.. lol.

But yes… even after arriving in Winnipeg, I’m still tired so.. I’ll be resting a little more then back to work…………. for now, back to sleep~


FanExpo Regina 2015 Review

where: Canada Centre Building at Evraz Place, Regina
when:  April 25-26, 2015

Just 2 days of smiling whole day and selling prints and posters but I think I did pretty well on the sales – what more if it was the normal 3 day fanexpo, right? :D

my artist alley table setup and me on the last day before closing down.


I keep changing my display… lol… I lost my old one and had to buy a new one… I will keep my stuff in my room so I don’t forget where I put them in the house.. but pictures are the same. The Sailor Moon heads set is still an eye catcher and the 2 kimono girls always get the pointing fingers too so they will always be in the front.

Anyway.. the convention isn’t that busy. I am in front of the celebrity autograph area and I kinda feel bad for them too because the whole convention is supposed to be 16 hours in total (10am-7pm + 10am-5pm) but people start coming around lunch time and leave early for dinner. It felt like it’s just 10 hours of total interaction with people or less.


But I am surprised that my sales are better than my previous con in Winnipeg (because Winnipegers probably bought almost all of my stuff and I only have a few new stuff during my 4 years of straight cons in Winnipeg – so no Winnipeg cons this year for me.) New audience, new buyers but I still get that “I saw this on deviantart”, “I have this in my favorites”, etc…. thank you~ particularly to those who just didn’t comment and praised my works but also bought stuff most especially to the 3 people who bought a complete set of the Sailor Moon heads in silk. I, myself, find it so hard to spend that much for a set of posters so I really appreciate these buyers~ <3

Anyway….. cosplayers.. there’s not really that many.. but some more are posted in my facebook page. I’ll take lots of pics on the next con.. >_<


^ that moment when I was just taking a stolen shot and “she” saw me and came to my table then posed in front of me hahaha…  :P

That’s about it for this convention in Regina.. except from the very dusty venue like literally green brown black dust filled my table easily, it’s a so-so convention.. not too many anime fans probably, majority of the cosplayers are from sci-fi, comics and film and no booth sells anime cosplay! I wanted to buy a cosplay for the next con but I guess I’ll just buy online or create my own… I saw a team rocket cosplayer but he was too far to take a pic so I just drew the idea in a tissue and thought I can do this too~ anybody else wanna do this with me? It’s simple and easy enough hahaha..


but I really wanted to cosplay Mikasa from Attack on Titans so we’ll see~~~

So yeah, that’s it.. my cheeks still hurt from smiling “waikiki” lol but it was worth the effort especially since I saved a lot on the traveling expenses. Long drive from Winnipeg to Regina thanks to bro Andrew and sis Iris for the company and many many thanks to our homestay sponsor sis Aubrey and family for the sweet room and foods especially the boodle fight night with other CFC~

See you again in other conventions! Next convention to be announced..

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Conventions 2014

Starting with a hi hello how are you? I’m fine thank you. I’ve been really busy with game development, art contributions and management for 2 online games. Both of them are now up and functioning well so all that’s left is managing them. (See Games)

Alright convention blog… Just to sum it up, I only attended local conventions this year due to a super busy schedule so here’s a short blog of the ones I attended this year.

Ai-kon (July 11-13, 2014) – my 4th year here. Quite disappointed that my spot was on the far corner facing back and there weren’t that many people this year too. Only saw a few cosplayers and not so many good ones but good to see the same faces buying some of my other stuff. Thank you Winnipeg~ ^o^ Also shouts to friends from out of town who came to my table showing me the pins they got from me 2-3yrs ago.. some of which I don’t sell anymore so I’m really happy that they still have it. ^__^


Comic & Toy Expo (April 13, 2014) – Just a 1 day convention but it’s worth it. It’s a comic con with only 2 anime artist hahaha. Exposure matters in this kind of small con. An opportunity came actually but it was a miss on my part for not getting the contact info of that company who wanted to hire me for an animation film! Couldn’t follow up since their company name was something I’m not familiar of and that person was in a rush, just took my card so nothing I can do there but wait… but nothing happened. I’ll definitely grab the next opportunity next time even if it means taking their time. LOL.

Wonderland Anime Festival (March 1-2, 2014) – 2 days convention hosted by C4. Their first year hosting anime convention with guests from Sailor Moon voice actors! Originally, I just paid for an autograph from Linda Ballantyne but she suddenly asked me to take a pic with my signed bookmark she’s holding here. Ah, she was really sweet when she came to my table pointing at that bookmark. Glad I got a chance to give it to her before the con was over coz I totally blanked out when she came to my table and missed my chance to offer her a bookmark or even a poster. >v<

Toy & Comic Expo (September 7, 2014) Just a single day con and it went by too fast! Some idle moments but this day was more on talking to local commissioners and kids….. I dunno why but there’s about 4 different group of kids went by my table to chitchat.. lol… just adorable kids talking about Sailor Moon and their toys hahahahaha……. this made me think.. do they know me? They talk like we’ve been talking a lot in the phone or at school…. or maybe they saw me in previous convention and I’m just getting old I forgot about them.. >__< Anyways.. quite a successful con… And the artist area is so spacious my table was 8ft long and behind me was completely bare.. lots of free space to roam around and for my stuff but I’m organize under the table as always.


PS: Thanks to my mom and dad for helping me setup my table.. ^o^

Convention preparations… are always stressful! LOL.. but they’re worth it. (*´◡`)

^ these pins are the new products on my table and they sell with a smile. ( ⌒∇⌒ )

That’s all for now but I’ll keep updating. (more updates in my facebook page)

Check my Stores and Commissions or see you in other conventions! ( *゜▽゜*)ノ