Otakuthon 2015 Review

where: Palais des congrès de Montréal
when: August 7-9, 2015

It’s my first time in Montreal outside the airport. I’ve been a Canadian citizen for many years now but this is the first time I felt like I’m in a foreign country… LOL. Main language is french and people talk to me in french naturally. I studied Japanese, knows a little Korean and some Thai but I’m in Canada and did not study french. Shame.. :(

Anyways.. the convention.. I dunno. I’m stuck in my artist table in the artist alley as usual and it felt average. I’m not sure if it was worth paying for the premium artist table because we’re just beside the regular artist alley. In the end it’s all about the location of your table and the art gallery…. it was just quietly sitting in the very dark corner. None of my buyers knew about the art gallery thing. I get the same “woah” “kyah” “omg” expressions from people and I somewhat felt bad for not telling them I have exclusive mounted posters in the art gallery for auction because they are already eager to buy the regular/silk posters which are more expensive than the minimum bidding price in the art gallery. I took my pieces down earlier after realizing the gallery is not worth it but anyways… sales in my table were stable. My spot was good enough.. if there’s people, a bunch more will come but if there’s none, there’s none at all. There are some idle moments as in no one’s walking in front of us or it’s just an event hour.. but I’m probably not attracting enough customers because my pipe display was too big to be in a baggage and my cubes were too heavy so I only brought a few. But thanks to my neighbors who had a really huge and tall display, some people walked towards me too.. lol. Nevertheless, I am surprised to have sold out a bunch of pins, bookmarks and prints regardless of my raised price tags (nothing is worth a dollar now – just tried and it works). Someone have said that if they like it, they’ll buy it regardless of the price..and if it’s expensive, they’ll ask for a deal. Nobody asked for a deal, I impulsively offered just because I think they’ll buy more if I offered a deal.. and so they did. I get that “Oh, ok” a lot when I told them it’s 2 for $5 and so on.. and then they take a lot of their time again to choose which one to get. I just noticed they have troubles choosing what. People tell me they want to buy all….. then buy all! LOL…….. hahaha overall, it was a good business! People are nice and friendly.. I just wish I can understand french so I know what they’re talking about while choosing which item and their thoughts about the pics.. oh well~ I also got a few “keep the change” tips from this con.. haha… Merci beaucoup!

This girl, I dunno her name but she’s one of my rich buyers in that con. Thank you for being rich and generous! She bought a Sailor Moon silk poster set plus that last stock of the Sailor Konoha silk poster. It’s hard to order silk posters now and they’re quite expensive to order too so that’ll be the last of that image and she has it now~ *remembrance* ^_^


I saw a few non-cosplaying attendants or I just didn’t see that many since most of my buyers are dressed as some character… there’s a bunch of cool cosplayers as usual!


Check the other pics in my facebook page: www.facebook.com/reirei18

Old friends from Toronto… Me with Sam and Ron.


It’s been more than 2 years since I last saw them! They haven’t changed or rather changed for good but I grew fat so they kinda inspire me to go back to the old me cosplaying and attending more cons outside~

Last day in Montreal we went to the Basilique church in Notre Dame. As expected, the mass is in french haha. I already took pics before I saw the no pics sign.. sorry. =P


And then flew back to Winnipeg… so tired and my feet hurts from all the walking even before the con started. Really really bad idea to explore and do stuff before con starts…. but thank God I was able to managed during the con with my sore feet and tired legs. Also thanks to the nightly salonpas strips.. lol.

But yes… even after arriving in Winnipeg, I’m still tired so.. I’ll be resting a little more then back to work…………. for now, back to sleep~