A preview of something..


All pencil works I did before summer are now scanned.. just need to color and stuff.. I apologize for the procrastination on the art side because we’re on our way in releasing or rather bringing back the infamous ZetaRO~ I was assigned as one of the Game Moderators and helping out in the community forum/discussion/chitchats with the gamedevs etc.. ZetaRO is coming soon! Check out the website:

Anyway, I just wanna stay at home and watch anime or kdrama today… but looking at my to do list, seems impossible so I’ll just listen to jrock songs while photoshopping that pic, texture paints for a project, and work on stuff to sell for my next conventions. Listening to jrock songs will keep me awake and alive while multitasking.. hopefully.

Speaking of jrock……….. OMG……. I’m so excited to get the opportunity to watch my favorite jrock band live… in Toronto~ I missed it last year but I’m not gonna miss it this year~ yessssssss! \^o^! check them out: One Ok Rock in youtube


I heard they’ll have a concert in Philippines next year January!! so gotta save and try to visit homeland and reunite with my friends from BandMaster too~ ^v^

Summer is about to end.. had lots of activities with family, lots of traveling……… and lots of food. For the hungry like me, try this asian style feast… the boodle fight. That’s really a lot. 3 tables long and we finished it in one lunch.. well.. there’s 3 families digging on it anyway.. lol.


Ok so I’m actually on a diet now.. stop feeding me……… :3 but summer didn’t end just yet with that trip to the Victoria Beach and foods.. lots of July birthday celebrants in our family.. bro (july 2), cousin (july 5), mom (july 10), aunt (july 19), me (july 20), cousin (july 28) so basically every week we have a party…. >_< august 4 is also my other cousins bday just before I leave to Montreal. My dad’s bday is today but we already feasted yesterday with family friends and of course, another feast today because it’s the actual day… haaaaaays omg.. when can I start the actual diet? LOL.

Anyway.. I got some nerve to waste time and write.. I’ll go back to work now haha. See you guys in my next coming conventions~

September 20: Toy Expo in Winnipeg, MB
October 29-Nov 1: Anime USA in Washington, DC

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