River City Expo 2015 Review

where: Viscount Gort Hotel near Polo Park, Winnipeg
when:  June 21, 2015

Just a 1 day con and it was during Father’s Day and Manitoba Marathon. The con is from 10am-5pm but people started coming around lunch time. It felt like there’s only 4-5 hours sales time. I saw familiar faces and repeat customers (thank you thank you for always trying to buy everything!! lol..) but majority who bought from me are new to my stuff… and probably why I did well despite the not-so-good day was because I’m the only anime booth?……in a comic and toy expo.. lol.. why not? I tried and sort or earned my hotel fare for Otakuthon on August.. but anyways, the admission today was free but there’s not so many people…. because it’s just a not-so-good-day so I guess those who knew about this con went there to buy some cheaper stuff than normal. The table beside me was selling everything in 50% off! Well, it’s fan appreciation day so I kinda gave away some free stickers too.. haha.

The night before the con, I was doing some last minute mounting and counting of the left overs to sell.. lol.

06212015_00And because it’s a fan appreciation day and I kinda honored that, I sold bookmarks/postcards/pins for a $1 each.

And did I mention I was there since 7am to setup my table? Yeah.. I finished my setup after an hour or so and ate breakfast then started scribbling. I ended up finishing 2 pieces today just because there’s just too many idle moments so might as well draw.

06212015_02I’ll get them ready for Otakuthon.. I’ll be working on the others while monitoring some game management jobs and a game design project that I recently accepted. Details about that project next time~ for now, rest and sleep.

Once again, thank you Winnipeg buyers. This’ll be the last con for this year in Winnipeg but I’ll be back next year or the year after for newer artworks!


Next convention: Otakuthon – August 7-9, 2015 @ Palais des congrès de Montréal