FanExpo Regina 2015 Review

where: Canada Centre Building at Evraz Place, Regina
when:  April 25-26, 2015

Just 2 days of smiling whole day and selling prints and posters but I think I did pretty well on the sales – what more if it was the normal 3 day fanexpo, right? :D

my artist alley table setup and me on the last day before closing down.


I keep changing my display… lol… I lost my old one and had to buy a new one… I will keep my stuff in my room so I don’t forget where I put them in the house.. but pictures are the same. The Sailor Moon heads set is still an eye catcher and the 2 kimono girls always get the pointing fingers too so they will always be in the front.

Anyway.. the convention isn’t that busy. I am in front of the celebrity autograph area and I kinda feel bad for them too because the whole convention is supposed to be 16 hours in total (10am-7pm + 10am-5pm) but people start coming around lunch time and leave early for dinner. It felt like it’s just 10 hours of total interaction with people or less.


But I am surprised that my sales are better than my previous con in Winnipeg (because Winnipegers probably bought almost all of my stuff and I only have a few new stuff during my 4 years of straight cons in Winnipeg – so no Winnipeg cons this year for me.) New audience, new buyers but I still get that “I saw this on deviantart”, “I have this in my favorites”, etc…. thank you~ particularly to those who just didn’t comment and praised my works but also bought stuff most especially to the 3 people who bought a complete set of the Sailor Moon heads in silk. I, myself, find it so hard to spend that much for a set of posters so I really appreciate these buyers~ <3

Anyway….. cosplayers.. there’s not really that many.. but some more are posted in my facebook page. I’ll take lots of pics on the next con.. >_<


^ that moment when I was just taking a stolen shot and “she” saw me and came to my table then posed in front of me hahaha…  :P

That’s about it for this convention in Regina.. except from the very dusty venue like literally green brown black dust filled my table easily, it’s a so-so convention.. not too many anime fans probably, majority of the cosplayers are from sci-fi, comics and film and no booth sells anime cosplay! I wanted to buy a cosplay for the next con but I guess I’ll just buy online or create my own… I saw a team rocket cosplayer but he was too far to take a pic so I just drew the idea in a tissue and thought I can do this too~ anybody else wanna do this with me? It’s simple and easy enough hahaha..


but I really wanted to cosplay Mikasa from Attack on Titans so we’ll see~~~

So yeah, that’s it.. my cheeks still hurt from smiling “waikiki” lol but it was worth the effort especially since I saved a lot on the traveling expenses. Long drive from Winnipeg to Regina thanks to bro Andrew and sis Iris for the company and many many thanks to our homestay sponsor sis Aubrey and family for the sweet room and foods especially the boodle fight night with other CFC~

See you again in other conventions! Next convention to be announced..

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