RPS Fanart

First thing I drew was my cute baby merchant character ^ IGN: Baby K I just realized I don’t have a screenshot of her in game…. so I took one now.

Up next is still a work in progress but I still want to post.

The reference:

My sketches sometimes look better than the finished work… ***no jinx intended!*** I personally like how clean and quick it took to sketch her character…. but the hands gave me some pauses and I’m sure I’ll be thinking about it again as I go into detail later… or tomorrow.. procrastination starts now… jk. Need sleep~ I’m just more motivated and less distracted when drawing early in the morning… now sleep!

**feb 3 edit**

and because backgrounds will be removed later for something else, here’s the finished pic without background or rather just a simple white bg with petals from google. ^_^

That’s it for now regarding character art. I also did some monster artworks before.

rps_satan rps_porings

I am pretty much satisfied on how they came out. I have some more ideas for the poring designs but I didn’t get enough compensation for these so I stopped there.

Anyways, some rights reserved.