AnimeUSA 2015 Review

Where: Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington DC
When: Oct.30-Nov.1,2015

First time in Washington, the place is so nice… the only thing is traffic, not traffic as in traffic but too many beeps which you won’t hear much in Canada haha but still a great place and the weather omg is beautiful… a big difference to the weather here in Winterpeg.. i mean Winnipeg.


Anyways, the convention.. as what most people say, it is a very very slow convention….. the only time it was fast was when it’s near closing time.. as in busy! I was like farming crops.. lol.. ah, I miss those farming days in Anime North lol. I’m glad I stayed til 10pm coz people there are really using their time well haha.

My best selling work this time is Erza…. glad I finished it on time.


My Sailor Moon fanart is still popular but only 7 people bought a 5-piece set.. (I counted.. lol) I also sold more posters this time! Sold out Enma Ai and the Sailor Moon team posters.. they’re old but still gold. I’ll be getting rid of some old posters soon.

On the spot commissions, I did one per day.. surprisingly I finished them within an hour because there’s just not too many people..


day 1 was spider girl.. I was like, no.. I can’t, I’ve never done a hairless head but I liked the boobs part.. so ok, it turned out ok.. lol.. day 2 was a commission for panty and stocking from two chicks cosplaying as panty and stocking..


it was almost near closing time and I was hesitant coz there’s people and I wanted to check on those people checking my stuff but I kinda rushed it and did it in an hour… yey.. day 3 was the easiest and it was pleasant to do that original character based from sailor mars and sailor neptune wearing a school uniform.. I was like, oh easy! lol.. made me want to draw mistress 9 from sailor moon after doing that one.. eh, someday~ I’m really lazy to do commissions during conventions coz not only they take my attention away from the people looking around but also gives a lot of pressure on my shoulder… my posture is just terrible when rushing drawings.

cosplayers.. I took a few pics. I’m standing most of the time and was able to catch some.


Other cosplayers in my facebook page >> Anime USA 2015 album

Also, check this out! On the spot request haha.. good job!

That’s about it for AnimeUSA 2015. Met some cool people and thanks to everyone who bought stuff especially the bulk buyers on the last minute. I will probably not gonna be here again coz there are other cons overlapping this one.. but there are other cons near the state. Others have also mentioned that they go to Otakon and Katsucon so I might see them there too. I’ll be looking out for the registration for those cons so see you there too! Cheers!