Winnipeg Comic and Toy Expo 2012

where: Canad Inns Polo Park, Winnipeg

when: March 3-4, 2012

my first con this year.. it was small and cheap but sales went well.. i was the only anime artist in the place….. >v<! that really made me feel out of place coz everyone’s selling comic stuff and not much related to anime.. duh…. it’s a comic and toy expo… OTL but it was worth going since the point is to make some profit.. now i can buy my roundtrip to toronto for anime north.. heheh…. @v@


I was planning to make my set up like in c4 with the cages on the side for my posters but i was busy fixing up my applications to game companies so i was not able to prepare for this con.. i cant find the cages i used before so i just used the stands…. it was an easy set up.. and luckily the table was good enough without a table cloth coz i didnt expect that a hotel venue wont provide clothes for tables.. XD anyways.. the only downside with this set up is that i wasnt able to display all my posters… i had way too many images for posters.. >v< but some of them are out of stock anyways and at least the table was big enough to have space for the stands.. i got a huge stand behind me displaying bigger posters.. it was useful and im happy to sell some old huge posters coz of that.. *^^*

i wasnt able to take lots of pics coz there’s not that many people.. but here are some pics in my facebook album

Something unexpected happen in this con.. I guess im used to people taking my pics but a guy came to me asking for a couple shots.. he then emailed me with the pics saying my pic was in the monday’s Winnipeg Free Press.. (where? in the news paper!) >v<


the business cards and the spider man sticker are the loots i got from this con.. XD there’s only a few artist and i got the cards of some of them too..

Thanks again to Trevor Hagan for sending the pics..~<3 Here’s a clear shot of the featured image..


and an extra shot of what i was working there..


special thanks to Paolo and Janine for manning the table with me.. and to James for buying the newspaper.. lol.. =P

eeh… what else to report….. there’s a lot of antique toys and super sale manga from $4 each or 3 for $10.. nothing much caught my interest other than the sailor v manga.. but i didnt want to buy an on-going series so i’ll wait til the box set is available.. =P

overall, it was pretty much a successful con for me.. i didnt spend anything on my merch.. everything was just the left overs so the profit was great so now i can re-order stocks and print new images and a plane ticket for the next con.. @v@

next con: anime north..! im excited i got the full table but will probably share to a friend who’s in the waiting list.. unless they get lucky, i can occupy the whole table.. :>