collab with 15385bic

sketch by bic..~<3 i colored in photoshop.. @x@;


first time coloring with a tablet after almost 3 years…. >v<! the first victim is bic’s sketch for King-sama.. i really wanted to get used to the tablet asap but before that, i find it fun to color with it than a mouse.. it took less than 3hrs to color.. no pressure, just for fun.. and also experimented a few things with coloring with a tablet.. ^^; aaaah…. magic mouse was indeed great but a tablet is better after all… XD

this picture was dedicated to King-sama.. <3 it’s supposed to be him and his lion persona.. :>

other collabs with bic.. wooh..~ it was really fun coloring her works.. *^^*


check out 15385bic’s art gallery at c'(`-^*)

i really should be sleeping by now.. XD