C4 2011 Review

where: Winnipeg Convention Centre

when: Oct. 28-30, 2011

Central Canada Comic Con aka C4.. this con blog is super late but here’s my experience during my first “comic” convention.. *^^*

Another Winnipeg convention, this time it’s more on comics and not much anime but I know I can expect something better here than the other cons from my previous experience at Ai-Kon.. it all went well.. even better than expected.. There wasn’t that much people but my sales were better than fanexpo… >v<!!

I didn’t have much time to prepare coz of my seasonal job at that time but I manage to finish my preparations the night before.. somehow.. XD

also, the night before, I had to run to staples…OTL…just to print some posters of my new work, the GAIA illustration for the artbook. I wasn’t going to sell posters of that pic but since I’m trying to advertise the charity artbook, might as well sell some posters of my contribution. *^^*

day 1 was ok… I was really exhausted coz I had to set up by 7:30am by appointment. It was difficult to set up my display.. I didn’t plan my 8×3 table til I get there. It took me 4 hours to finish my set up…. 4hrs….. @______@;

It’s definitely a slow friday but I sold out my GAIA posters. I only printed 5 coz I didn’t think it would sell right away so I had to ask my friend to reprint more for the next day. It’s still up there but I sold out Morrigan, Weiwei, Breakaway and Hitsugaya. Unless I get orders, I wont reprint for cons.. They’re kinda expensive to order and not that easy to sell. ^^;

More importantly, I sold my most expensive print ever.. the one and only for Mr. Wayne.. thank you..~~!!

and then TigerFey (from deviantart) came to pick up the commissions he ordered.

There’s not that many cosplayers today so I only manage to take a few pics..

there were a bunch of kids cosplaying compared to anime cons..
at the end of the day.. i bought a set of copic markers while it’s at a huge discount..
*i only used it for a day and i haven’t touched it again since then.. XD

day 2.. it was busier than yesterday but compared to other cons, this saturday is more like a friday to some… or maybe just to me coz im only selling anime stuff.. some kid even asked me what is that.. XD anime is not comics, unfortunately.. v_v”

my cousin came today so i was able to relax a bit.. i looked around and realized how big the area is.. there’s probably less than 5 artists selling anime stuff in the alley.. but i found some anime cosplayers.. and some familiar faces too..

awesome domo cosplay with my cousin..~

she also took pics so enjoy some more cosplay photos..~

^ domo stayed there for almost the whole day.. he must be feeling heavy/hot.. XD

day 3 started really slow… more than an hour passed before i got my first sale..
my stuff is pretty much organized so there was really nothing to do but draw…..

it got busier near the end and there are still some people asking for prints of my black and whites even though they’re old from 2004.. eeh… maybe i’ll print a few copies for the next con.. ^^;

some more cosplay photos..

some more photos in my facebook c4 album

the loots…

lol.. only 2 anime art trades.. >v<! i was hesitant to ask for trades with comic artists but i really should’ve since it’s a comic con.. XD i wont fail next time.. =P a few people came to me with those ai-kon winterfest fliers.. i thought i threw them all but i found some inserted in my binder.. @x@

*extra extra*
i was really clueless and nervous.. i dont remember what nonsense i spoke but i remember feeling awkward yet i was smiling like a chipmunk.. lol… >v<!! 

(watch the video via youtube)

Please check my homepage or facebook for the next convention updates.. :>