Anime Angels Artbook

*updated june 26, 2012* artbook received!
front cover by and the back cover previews art by other artists..

my contribution can be found on page 75 (on right) full view here
artwork on the left was done by

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*original post*

I received an invitation from some previous artbook I joined. I was extremely busy with my night shift work and commissions but it was another great opportunity to have my work published and get paid at the same time so I just had to enter.

The theme is obviously anime character with wings. The cute image doesn’t really fit my style so I tried a serious approach. This image was not supposed to have wings but I thought I could use an old sketch and make it to something.. I was drawing this during a convention..

i was also working on it at work during break.. =P

I managed to finish the pencil art before December (view full image) and started doing the colored version right away because I had personal circumstances ahead but this colored wip doesn’t impress me much so I was really thankful that they extended the deadline to January 8.

There was still some time to work on this one so I was able to revise the colors and came up with a not-so-colorful version but it fits the concept I was going for. Here’s just a little preview

pre-order a copy via kickstarter :>

Actually, I had a second entry but it didn’t get in.. =/ since i took the effort to capture the progress, might as well share it.. (click image for full view)

Here’s the link to the super full view.. =P

the background I created took me about 4hrs but later on I realized that  I had a similar piece in my gallery so I flipped and rotated the image but the background didnt fit quite well.. there wasn’t much time to think of a new bg because all this time I had this idea in mind..

the 2nd pic on the right is the one I submitted but didnt get accepted.. >v<.. oh well… =/

i posted a larger version in DA (link to full view) but the details on the background was completely invisible.. v_v” i really worked hard on it but i guess 1pt brush size becomes nothing in low quality version.. i thought it was pretty much a high quality going over 1mb in file size.. >v< but anyways, here’s a somewhat hq view of a corner.. click the image for a full view.. 

anyways.. pre-order a copy of the Anime Angels artbook via kickstarter :>