2011 gallery flashback..

Happy New Year..~~ Looking back at 2011, it surely has been a very very busy year….

i have a bunch of work that’s not posted in my gallery here and there.. mostly private commissions and game works but here’s a sum of what’s in the previews up there and whatnot..

* january – worked on a commission for an anime project.. i wonder how’s this going since i only contributed art for character profiles for their presentation.. >v< was also working on illustrations for a school game project..

* february – published illustration for huotiaotiao’s island fantasy artbook.. it was an all-nighter.. i was groggy at school while working on textures for 3d models.. i remember going home early because i felt really sick and ready to faint.. XD

* march – intro cinematic for the final school game project.. it was my first time doing this kind of thing and by myself… either there’s too much expectation from me or i’d rather do this part myself.. =v= it’s 1 min long movie drawn in photoshop, animated using after effects.. i cant find the avi file in my folder and my after effects expired.. im lazy to ask my classmates for the file so i havent posted this in youtube.. XD

* april – so long toronto life, back to winnipeg life but i worked on love and war (rpg) cutscene sketches.. did a few rough sketches and finished the character profile pics before flying out to new jersey for vacation..

* may – back to toronto for grad then back to my relatives in new jersey coz im homeless in toronto.. lol.. i flew a lot during this month so there wasnt much time to draw but i had my mac so i was able to color an old pic to have some printed for anime north by the end of this month..

* june – flew back to new jersey for anime next.. worked on this during the week break but couldnt get it done in time for the convention.. worked on some commissions i got from the con and enjoyed my stay with my relatives before going back home to winnipeg..

* july – got commissioned for a game npc but up til now there’s no updates regarding that project.. XD more commissions to work on especially the commissions to be picked up in the local convention..

* august – more commissions… this one’s for an unexpected schoolmate.. i knew i saw her during the grad ceremony.. lol.. how small can the world be..? XD picked up in fanexpo.. last fly for the year..

* september – some more commissions.. trying to catch up with the easy sketch commission there but also tried to update my manga during this month..

* october – published illustration for an artbook dedicated to the flood victims in colombia.. also worked on commissions to be picked up on my last convention for this year while i work full time night shift on a seasonal job that i wasnt planning to apply.. >x< long story short, i only accompanied someone but they hired me instead.. XD

* november – entry for anime angels artbook by maron media but it’s not clear that it’ll be accepted.. i hope.. also worked on some commissions and the last few cutscenes for love and war..

* december – had a break for about 3 weeks due to an operation but it didnt stop me from doing this illustration for an artbook.. too bad it wasnt accepted so it was like an effort wasted.. jk.. >v< eh, as u can see in my gallery, i posted a different version so it still turned out as something from something.. XD also worked on the illustration for the anime angels artbook and sketched up a few commissions while watching funny japanese shows.. >v<!

onwards to 2012.. eh.. im hoping to apply to some game company as soon as im done with the remaining commissions.. XD

hard to pick a favorite.. either october or november..
most effort was definitely march..

whao….~ thank u for reading..

Happy New Year..~~ *^^*