what have I been up to…

my seasonal job just ended.. it was a full time night shift so there was no life like seriously.. but I was able to work on some commission, finished the cutscenes for our game project (Love and War) and my contributions for 2 to-be-published artbooks for 2012…

here are some wip previews:

click for full view.. still a wip.. it was originally a commission.. but i wanted to use this in the Vermillion Fantasy Artbook so i took permission from the buyer to submit this in the artbook.. well in any case, i own all rights since it was my interpretation of her character and blahblah… I was coloring this live.. (watch it here)








click for full view.. still a wip but almost done with the pencils and then move on to coloring… >x<” this one’s an entry for the Anime Angels art book.. part 1… I plan to submit 2 but I hope I’ll have enough time before the deadline.. ^^;







click for full view.. it’s a mock up of a cutscene animation.. not sure if this scene’s going to be animated but I tried anyways.. ^^; it’s not much of a spoiler.. it’s not… just look at the art.. it’s the game art done by me and shall be colored by the amazing King-sama. ♥


and i also played with the colors of that guy.. I had fun with it coz he looked like my oc for my manga.. neeeh.. I made sure they resemble so I can at least see him in a game if not in my manga… XD the colors are set but it’s always nice to hear other opinions.. ;)

feel free to let me know your preferred hair color via feedback, facebook page or DA poll.

I’ll post a large size pic of the hair color with most votes in my facebook page.. ;)

other wips..

there’s still lots to do before the year ends… >x<