FanExpo 2011 Review

where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto

when: Aug. 25-28, 2011

Fanexpo 2011.. it’s a 4-day convention so this could be long.. =P

Fanexpo day 0.. Wednesday.. met Chrissy (falsedelusion in deviantart) and hello Angie (xaiisu in deviantart), a new hotelmate at Westin hotel.. we’re on the 33rd floor thanks to Chrissy’s mom for the awesome discount in this 4-star hotel.. :> amazing view throughout our 5-night stay..

Lakeshore view on the left side and the CN tower and Rogers building on the right.. it was a fine day until night came.

*notice the bed.. there’s a hand figure on the right pic that’s not mine coz I was holding the camera.. o.o*

Heavy rain and thunders made sleeping even harder but I fell asleep anyways.. I was ready and excited for the con..

Fanexpo day 1.. Thursday.. got there early to prep our set-up.. my tablemate Sam (5ammay in deviantart) got us a really tall pole to hang our posters.. This is our table and I’m really happy to have my posters up there.

I think I’ll do the same thing with my other cons in the future.. Chrissy went off somewhere to find her table far from mine.. =/ but Sam kept me company plus she’s very considerate with food.. <3 it was a fun table and she’d always help me sell my stuff.. always… @x@;

eeh so there’s not that many people as expected from day 1.. sale’s-wise is ok for a half day con.. Machii-chan from deviantart came to my table asking for the seriously poster.. It really makes me happy everytime people ask for the title instead of pointing the pic especially for that sailor moon fanart.. it makes titles worth it but I doubt about that seriously pic.. seriously.. XD

just a little thing called “filipino moms thing” happened during their stay in my table.. if I see my daughter buying something that she likes but doesn’t need much, I would probably do the same thing too.. but in the end, everything’s good.. XD They asked me for a picture with her and her sister.. I’m curious to see how our picture turned out.. I don’t remember smiling coz I was thinking “o-oh” deep inside.. lol jk… >v<!!

cosplayers… some really cool ones and a few made us wow.. especially this one..

Sam got a black board for her buttons in her table (see first picture above) that was covering her view and this cosplayer was so discreet.. she had no aura..! I can’t sense her til she’s close enough to reach our business cards in the table.. Sam, having the blind spot, jumped in surprise when she saw her.. lol.. *exaggerated but some truth* =P

some more cosplayers..~

Fanexpo day 2.. Friday.. Sam and I were both wearing the cosplay we commissioned from Yoyo (buumoo in deviantart)..

I really like how Yoyo makes our outfit with personal touch.. It was my 2nd time commissioning her for a cosplay and I’m really happy with it.. it was just a little too big for me but that’s about ok.. I was supposed to be cosplaying the 4th captain in Bleach but it’s way too hot to have the haori (or the white jacket for captains) and besides, I preferred to be my own bleach character.. lol… *fail* I shall draw that character one of these days.. >v<!

and oh.. I forgot my display book in the hotel so I had to go back alone and on the way back to the con, some staff who called a taxi for me asked me if I’m Japanese.. maybe because I’m wearing the cosplay..? but I feel flattered when people think I’m Japanese or Korean.. *I’m Filipino btw* but when I denied it, he added that I’m too dark to be Japanese.. gaaaaah… seriously.. pffft…. <_< I had too much summer fun… v_v;

nothing really special happened this day except that I found my camera broken so I wasn’t able to take pics of this day but then I discovered the brilliance of my new phone’s camera but it was too late coz all the other cool cosplayers have gone.. but anyways.. sales-wise, it’s not as great as I anticipated. Almost the same profit as the first day and I think it was pretty bad considering the amount of people that went and looked at my stuff.. most reason are because they will be there until Sunday so they’re just looking around for now.. it can’t be helped and I can’t blame them as most sales go cheaper at the end of the convention.. oh well.. this day has been ok but could be better..

Sam agrees.. this stolen shot proves it.. =P it was actually my 2nd attempt coz the first time she didn’t even stayed like that for more than 10 seconds and my camera wasn’t ready but 2nd try turned out to be a pic worth captioning.. *insert bubble speech somewhere* @v@!

oh.. if there’s one good thing about today, it’s the free c3p0 fan from sweet people who came to our table.. thank u~

Fanexpo day 3.. Saturday.. our cosplays look awesome.. for me, it was my most popular.. I got hugged a few times this day and they recognize my cosplay right away.. I don’t even have props nor the proper hairdo but I guess not too many anime girls wear the shrine maiden outfit..?

In this picture, we have Kennie.. I call her smiley eyes coz she has such pretty happy eyes.. <3 so cute especially in her Madoka cosplay..~ I don’t know where she got her cosplay but ours is from buumoo in deviantart..~ yeah..~ she’s great and I love this Kikyo cosplay I commissioned from her more than the ones I bought online… I will commission her again.. maybe for my wedding dress..? lol….. :D

so it’s day 3 and this day was supposed to be the busiest day.. not exactly.. I still had time to walk around.. just in the artist alley.. Fanexpo is way too big and I’m worried about my sales.. I was able to cover my expenses but I need to grab more buyers..

this day’s spotlight has got to be this girl..

it’s Kayla (miniphoenix in deviantart).. I knew she looks familiar..! she studied graphics design in the same school.. as in at RCC Academy of Design.. same batch.. same campus.. either I saw her during the graduation or at school.. XD anyways, we’re both cosplaying Kikyo aka a shrine maiden.. the picture we’re holding was her first commissioned art from me.. she asked for additional 3 commissions after that.. I’m just glad she likes the picture enough to commission me for more.. *^^*

that was a surprise.. such a small world… but this one made it big for me..

gosh.. I should’ve looked through the guest artists. I didn’t know this person until I googled his name.. Bobby Chiu. He’s an inspiration now that I know a little about him. He designed characters for Alice in Wonderland movie, worked for Disney, Warner Bros, etc.. He was just silently browsing my display book and I don’t even remember our conversation but I felt bad when he asked me if I don’t know him… gaah… I haven’t even seen the Alice in Wonderland movie… *fail* >x< But actually, I’m not the type who’d memorize an artist’s name but I look at their art and get inspired with their work.. I don’t even know who’s the artist for final fantasy but I love the art style.. lol.. I google names and list them as my favorite artists somewhere but no name sticks in my head.. well, except for Naoko Takeuchi who’s like a family to me.. XD anyways… it was really nice of him to invite me to his exclusive workshop (even though he’s probably inviting random people) but I’m not in Toronto anymore by then.. and glad I have his business card so I can check out his site (

so much for spotlights, here are some cool cosplayers of the day..

it was such an exhausting day.. especially for me since I had to wake up earlier than everyone else.. we’re 3 taking the shower in the morning plus we had to help James for his Ace cosplay..

I did the writing in his arm while Chrissy did the awesome skull on his back… we didn’t take pics..! >A<! we should’ve… maybe next time.. XD *this photo was from Kennie’s fb album..*

Fanexpo day 4.. Sunday.. finally the last day……. 2nd new cosplay from

the cosplay quality is great especially the top but I think Yoyo can do the same thing.. much cheaper and faster too.. I ordered this cosplay June and got it on the 1st week of August.. I even had it on express shipping hoping to wear it on Ai-kon but.. tsk.. If only I knew it would’ve taken long, I should’ve cancelled and order from Yoyo.. but at that time I didn’t know that Yoyo does awesome cosplay so it was too late for either.. oh well… this was supposed to be a Hetalia China cosplay but I didn’t feel like having a single hair tie so I had it on both sides.. now I’m like a character of yuumei in deviantart for her story (read here)

spotlight spotlight…~~ Jiayi from deviantart…~~~<3

I was totally speechless when she handed this to me.. This particular oc is very precious to me being the first charcter ever from 2002.. and to think this bookmark was hand drawn made it even more precious.. thank you Jiayi..~<3

ok so concluding fanexpo.. eeh… fanexpo sales were not as good as I anticipated but I earned back my expenses and have earned a bit too.. still, it’s kinda disappointing because this con is supposed to be the largest and there were a lot of people and competition.. about 200 artists..? XD regardless, it was still a great event and lots of networking happened.. I found potential game companies, potential collabers, a few 3d artists came to me for concepts.. they especially liked the nightmare bunny from my school game project.. =P

overall, it’s a con worth going for career networking but not so much for selling art.. especially anime art when this con’s more on comics and games.. >v< or was it because our location is not in the anime area..? then again, if they like the art much, they’ll buy it no matter what.. v_v; I still have lots more to learn.. “mada mada da ne”.

after the con, this person added me in facebook and I saw a video about the con.. I was really bored so I watched it and surprised to find myself in there.. lol.. *click the image to watch it on youtube*

I think I’m holding the cool c3p0 fan.. thanks again to the person who gave it to me.. >v< I still have it in my room.. =P

and finally, the loots from this con..~<3

the awesome prints were traded with my cheap stuff.. >x< from the upper left, swan girl from bluefeathers, sailor moon pic from Kaze-Hime, masked girl poster from Nazuroth, red riding hood from hitsukuya’s sister Kennie, a freshly drawn kross (her oc) by falsedelusion, dolphin ring (below the sailor moon pic and above the batman button) was from meomeoow, button and america keychain from Lisemo and the chikorita keychain from Sam the 5ammay in deviantart.. you can find them all in deviantart..~ the 2 other hetalia cards beside chikorita is from someone I don’t know.. I think someone’s giving it away and Sam got me some but there’s no label of who’s it from.. >v< they’re really cute especially UK the angel.. :> the batman and other buttons were free from…. some booth.. XD and of course, gotta have some awesome people’s bizcards.. <3

for tagged bizcard is whose and more cosplay pics, see my facebook album here –> fanexpo 2011 <–

*after the con*

Monday, Aug. 29.. still in Toronto.. getting ready to leave..

we still have some left over noodles.. lots of noodles through our stay courtesy of Chrissy.. I realized I didn’t bring any food.. just bought waters and snack.. I’ll make it up on Anime North 2012.. >v<

we barely did anything for fun after the con.. I was in a hurry to go to school for my diploma and transcript so we parted at lunch time.. they still went to the mall I think while I had to go to school.. I still made some sales there.. I planned to give a poster to Tito Jimmy who helped me a lot during my stay in that school.. He was really nice and helpful.. he took some more posters though… and also a few more staff who seemed surprised to see me grabbed some posters and bookmarks.. They’re all very nice people and I still feel welcomed there even after graduating and I’m really surprised they know my name… >//v//< I thought I didn’t stand out much during my stay in that school so it was really unexpected.. I went around the campus for a bit to check out my teachers but I couldn’t find them and one of them was busy lecturing so I didn’t bother showing up.. XD

I was secretly hoping to see 2 old schoolmates.. they’re both in IT class as I’ve seen them in the electronics lab during my last term.. very often coz their room is on the way.. especially I’m sitting in the door where I can see them in class.. lol…. anyways.. I know one guy had 2 more months after my grad.. *not a stalker.. I just accidentally looked up his schedule..* >v<!! I was just interested in his always smiling face.. ;) it makes me smile and forget about the stressful projects I’ve been working.. I didn’t see him and did not really expect to see them but I saw one at least.. unlike the other one, I don’t really stalk this guy much.. lol.. I mean I don’t remember which term I first saw him.. at least the other one started the same time as me but this one’s probably newer.. he’s on his way home holding a project.. same thing.. he’d just give me his smiley eyes and walk away.. oh well.. I was also pretty busy.. I was not gonna accept the money they’re giving me for the posters but people are really nice.. I earned some for taxi.. =P

but traffic… I had a plane to catch at 4:30 and I’m still an hour away from the airport.. not to mention I have to go back to the hotel to pick up my extra baggage.. and so disaster came in after those sweet moments with the school people.. x_x I seriously would’ve made it on time if only there was no traffic… stuck for hours and so I missed my plane… I had to rebook and pay additional fee.. on top of that, some lady rolled her heavy suitcase in my toe so I had to walk in the huge Toronto airport with a bleeding toe.. *a few days later, my toe is fine but it left a crack on my nail* =/ it didn’t end with just that.. I got picked up by 2 guys… ugh.. @__@! I bought some iced capp and was on my way back to the gate when 2 guys on their way to the baggage area stopped and offered to buy me dinner… it was nearly dinner time and they probably wonder why I’m taking just a small iced capp drink.. XD it was the first time this kind of thing happened to me so I didn’t know what to do.. I just ignored them but one guy followed me for a bit and then more people came so I guess they stopped fooling around.. it was scary for a moment but then I’m glad I’m in the airport.. >x< should I have taken the dinner offer..? lol.. jk.. but I was kinda hesitant to spend more money after paying $150+ for the flight changes fee.. <_< so just iced capp for dinner coz I know there’ll be food when I get home.. so I walked back to the gate and enjoyed my iced capp.. it makes me full for some reason… enough to cover about 5 hours of wait in there before I can board the plane….. glad they have internet so I can watch some anime while drawing my entry for the GAIA artbook.. just as when I thought I can sit back and relax, air canada changed the gate to a farther one.. from 151 to 136.. well, it’s not that far but the thought of moving with painful toe is not so pleasant.. and then again…. from 136 to 132.. I didn’t move because it was just 2 gates away… and it was the right decision because they moved us again to 146.. oh dear…. @_@; a lot of moving… it didn’t end there just yet… being the nice lady and all, I was seating beside a girl who kept looking back to her friends behind me.. when they asked who’s she’s sitting with, I feel like switching so they can be together.. if it was me, I would want the same thing too so I switched hoping I could get the window seat but no… =/ the girl beside me was just sleeping.. I was gonna ask for a switch so I can take pics and I especially don’t like to stand in the middle of the flight to let her through for a washroom break so I always prefer the window seat but I guess I can’t choose my seat especially after being rebooked.. it was a full flight too so I should just be thankful they were able to squeeze me in… >v< but anyways.. my seatmate was nice enough to take pics of me of the Winnipeg night view..

a few more shots can be seen in my flying scenes album –> here <–

got home really tired.. no time to feel hungry so I just jumped to my bed and recall the guy I saw at school.. lol jk.. I mean how there aren’t that many cute guys in fanexpo.. jk..! but seriously…. though honestly, I think I just fell asleep right away…

and so that concludes my trip to Fanexpo and my last visit in Toronto this year.. I’ll come back for Anime North on May 2012 or if I got hired by some game company there.. =P

now on to my prep for the last con this year, c4 which will be held in Winnipeg.. just gotta love Winnipeg..~ *^^*