Anime Angels Artbook

*updated june 26, 2012* artbook received!
front cover by and the back cover previews art by other artists..

my contribution can be found on page 75 (on right) full view here
artwork on the left was done by

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also available via

*original post*

I received an invitation from some previous artbook I joined. I was extremely busy with my night shift work and commissions but it was another great opportunity to have my work published and get paid at the same time so I just had to enter.

The theme is obviously anime character with wings. The cute image doesn’t really fit my style so I tried a serious approach. This image was not supposed to have wings but I thought I could use an old sketch and make it to something.. I was drawing this during a convention..

i was also working on it at work during break.. =P

I managed to finish the pencil art before December (view full image) and started doing the colored version right away because I had personal circumstances ahead but this colored wip doesn’t impress me much so I was really thankful that they extended the deadline to January 8.

There was still some time to work on this one so I was able to revise the colors and came up with a not-so-colorful version but it fits the concept I was going for. Here’s just a little preview

pre-order a copy via kickstarter :>

Actually, I had a second entry but it didn’t get in.. =/ since i took the effort to capture the progress, might as well share it.. (click image for full view)

Here’s the link to the super full view.. =P

the background I created took me about 4hrs but later on I realized that  I had a similar piece in my gallery so I flipped and rotated the image but the background didnt fit quite well.. there wasn’t much time to think of a new bg because all this time I had this idea in mind..

the 2nd pic on the right is the one I submitted but didnt get accepted.. >v<.. oh well… =/

i posted a larger version in DA (link to full view) but the details on the background was completely invisible.. v_v” i really worked hard on it but i guess 1pt brush size becomes nothing in low quality version.. i thought it was pretty much a high quality going over 1mb in file size.. >v< but anyways, here’s a somewhat hq view of a corner.. click the image for a full view.. 

anyways.. pre-order a copy of the Anime Angels artbook via kickstarter :>

GAIA: Vim Naturae Artbook

*This post has been edited on Sept.1, Oct.17 and Dec.20*

Original Post (08/19/2011)

A charity artbook that will be called GAIA: Vim Naturae, and the theme will be “The power of nature”, be it to create or to destroy. Featuring various artists from all around the world that would like to donate their works to raise funds for the most needed.

more info via Leaglem

I tried my luck on this artbook project if I will be accepted. I was kinda intimidated because of the level of the participating artists are just wakfmaldkjvlad….blah.. but I’m happy that I got in too.. lol..~ The problem was I got busy with commissions and prep for conventions so I just started my entry this week..

4 days later.. still working on the pencil version…OTL.. i have to color coz the artbook will be in full color..

I’m still working on this side to side to a commission that will be pick up in FanExpo next week… @____@;  a preview of that wip can be seen here.

*edit* (09/01/2011)

I managed to finish the pencil art the day before the deadline… woot..~~~

the colored version was then submitted for approval and I am glad they accepted my entry for the artbook.. *^^*

*edit* (10/17/2011)

The artbook is now printing in progress. This is a preview of the contributions that you will see in the artbook.

*edit* (12/20/2011)

The artbook arrived and it looks awesome..~~


^ mine’s on page 15.. *^^* my ex-favourite number.. lol.. XD

You can order a copy via

For more info about this artbook, read this journal post or visit their facebook page.

Island Fantasy Artbook

sunday feb.27.. for some reason i woke up at 8am something.. i realized i want another publication in my resume.. i looked for photo refs of some ocean and saw this link

im not supposed to be doing this coz my intro cinematic for our game project is due as well… but there goes the saying, “it’s one or the other” so i gulped and just whatever.. career first.. lol… XD

12hrs after.. it seems i wont make it in time so i sent the host of the artbook a note on DA hoping he’d extend the deadline and even showed him my wip to convince him.. lol.. this was the wip..

i got the text wrong but blahblah… the tree was the last thing i would’ve painted but i switched for a mermaid.. a much more interesting extra in the scene..

feb.28 2am something, im almost done but i took a break and started watching Psychic Detective Yakumo.. i got the guts to watch a psychological mystery anime in the middle of the night while im home alone… rofl…. after 2 episodes, i realized the deadline is march 1 taiwan time and that means in a few hours..

added few touch ups and submitted around 4am something..

full view here

i need to rest coz i have to be at school in the morning… few hours after, i got an email… i was at school working on the intro cinematic and after reading the message, my shoulders gave up and i dont remember how much i sighed this morning.. didnt know it was a sign of me being sick.. XD

more emails came asking for a full body of my anime self and i kinda rushed coz i thought he want it right away.. a little bit of miscommunication and i blame google translate for not being able to translate the context of the forum for the requirement..

i asked for an early leave like 1pm coz i feel like im ready to faint any minute… my hands are shaking, im sweating cold and chills.. got home and with no one to welcome me home, it was such a perfect time to be sick…… no one to bother and it was a complete silence but i kinda missed the porridge for sick people.. lol.. jumped to bed and fell dead sleep..

woke up soon to do my full body anime self coz i got worried that my submission will be void without my selfy to represent me… so i sent him this

in black and white as the pics in the forum are mostly black and white and it seems a sketchy sketch will do since this will only be used as a reference for the artist who’ll draw the staff… gah…… but it’s done and i feel like i can now rest to my heart’s content but…………… the intro cinematic for our game needs to be done…… >A<!!

but… i lazed out and watched another episode of Psychic Detective Yakumo and thought about skipping tuesday to work on the cinematic alone..

tuesday march 1.. why do i wake up at 8….?!! OTL first class was cancelled and so i decided to skip the rest of the day…. slight fever and chills and its troublesome to waste 3hrs of prep to go to school while im not feeling well…

worked on the cinematic for the rest of the day……………. with a little anime break.. =P *Bleach311 was a complete disappointment.. gah*

i kinda told my team that the cinematic will be done this day so i had to work hard and finish it but it’s past 1am and After Effects kept buffering.. and thats also where i realized that it’s so much easier to make a gif file in photoshop first then import it to After Effects than having a stack of layers there.. maybe this only applies to me but i found it easier that way considering it was the 2nd time i used AE for such thing and it was my first time making a 2d animation with movements and such.. timing was also a pain but i like how it ended.. kinda gave off a sense that the character is in panic.. i wish i can share the movie but the rendered movie file is 2gb……. o.o! no way to upload in youtube and i dont think i have the permission at the moment.. our game’s not complete yet so maybe a few months after.. ;)

march 2 around 4am, the file rendered successfully but its too big to email and our dropbox is running out of space.. i sort of pre-decided that i will skip wednesday’s school too for a break and so here i am typing this blog.. more like a diary… lol….. but the team said they are able to render the movie… now off for tomorrow to check out if the audio and sound effects have been included and to play test the 3rd to the last build….

almost 3 weeks left….. i feel like this week is a reward week.. grad package came and confirmed.. the overly stressful game project is almost done.. the last thing i need to do for this game is the box art which i will start right after this.. moreover, my first taiwanese artbook with some awesome artist like emperpep in deviantart..~~ i had my first art published in the Philippines back in 2002 when i joined a drawing contest and won 2nd place but it has been flooded.. ondoy tsk tsk… i shouldve taken everything with me here in canada.. 2nd artbook from Mugeno USA 2009 and 2011 is Huotiaotiao Taiwan..~! anyone trying to publish a canadian artbook..? lol..

anyways.. pls invite me for artbook publications if u know of any.. *^^*

— Update —

I received my artbook copy and it’s in great quality! The colors came in perfect except that my camera didn’t do a great job on it.. XD

Here are some pics of the artbook:

^ Emperpep is here too.. @v@!!

Here’s a preview of the artworks..~

If you want a copy, contact me so I can forward your orders to the person in charge.. :>

Aah Impossible Rescue (xbox360)

It was an opportunity that suddenly came to me and it was something I didn’t want to miss. There was a drawing contest in Anime-Artist group at (more info)

I didn’t expect that the entries will be in the game too so it was worth joining. Now when you play the game, you may use my characters as the narrator. You just have to activate it at the main menu. Press the code while at the main menu and my art shall appear.

I call her Meika from the keyword make-up.. lol.. just my random naming sense.. =P

To use Meika, press XXXXX at the main menu. This is the game art. Here’s a higher quality.

I think this second character is more fitted for the game. I call her Teisei from the keywords tail and sensei (meaning teacher) because she’s the narrator in the game.. omg.. my poor naming sense.. >v<! but whatever.. their names were not important in this game anyway.. =P and I just realized that her tail is not showing in here but you can see it in the higher quality.

To use Teisei permanently, press YXXXX at the main menu.

I submitted these 2 characters but unfortunately, both of them didn’t win. >x< other entries can be viewed here. Nevertheless, my art is in the game. *^^*

This game is available on Xbox360!
Nope.. she’s not animated in the game.. just me wasting time~
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