Aah Impossible Rescue (xbox360)

It was an opportunity that suddenly came to me and it was something I didn’t want to miss. There was a drawing contest in Anime-Artist group at deviantart.com (more info)

I didn’t expect that the entries will be in the game too so it was worth joining. Now when you play the game, you may use my characters as the narrator. You just have to activate it at the main menu. Press the code while at the main menu and my art shall appear.

I call her Meika from the keyword make-up.. lol.. just my random naming sense.. =P

To use Meika, press XXXXX at the main menu. This is the game art. Here’s a higher quality.

I think this second character is more fitted for the game. I call her Teisei from the keywords tail and sensei (meaning teacher) because she’s the narrator in the game.. omg.. my poor naming sense.. >v<! but whatever.. their names were not important in this game anyway.. =P and I just realized that her tail is not showing in here but you can see it in the higher quality.

To use Teisei permanently, press YXXXX at the main menu.

I submitted these 2 characters but unfortunately, both of them didn’t win. >x< other entries can be viewed here. Nevertheless, my art isĀ in the game. *^^*

This game is available on Xbox360!
Nope.. she’s not animated in the game.. just me wasting time~
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