Anime North 2011 Review

where: Toronto Congress Center, Toronto, ON

when: May 27-29, 2011


overall, it was a great experience and i didnt expect to sell that much… looking forward to fanexpo which is supposed to be a bigger and most likely the biggest con…? but before that, anime next comes next week….. im still tired and i still need to prepare my stuff…… v_v” i sold out hitsugaya bookmarks and all posters that i have for sale except for my display.. my friend Angela‘s gonna print me more stock… *hugs* hopefully it gets here in time for anime next or else i wont have poster for sale other than my display.. >x<

anyways.. lemme recall my most happiest moment in the con… i was in the gallery momiji, i went to check out my stuff if i got bids, everything got bids and i believe 4 out of 10 got into the live auction… *^o^* live auction was sunday and i thought sunday would be the slowest day in the comic market but i made about the same amount from saturday plus my sales from the auction which makes it double… anyway… i was watching the live auction and lucky to see 2 of my art for show… looking back poster was sold to a guy wearing white shirt outbidding other bidders.. that was exciting.. i wish he stopped by my table so i can take his pic just like the next one.. this girl came to my table before the live auction and expressed how much she wanted this enma ai poster.. i was there when she was fighting for this with another guy.. i feel bad for the guy coz he also went to my table… XD but in the end, the girl won it and came back to my table to buy more stuff… i just had to take a picture of her..~~
she looks so happy with it and im happy for her that she won it.. <3

met ImmaVgGrl-2000 thanks for buying my stuff..~

i should’ve taken more photos of people….. too occupied in my table… >__

anyways…. what else… i had a quick look in the comic market but i was only able to take business cards since they’re free and they’re still pretty.. see my loots:

as written there, the 5×7 print from jeanliang is really precious.. it was really nice of her to give me a print.. i gave her something back.. i hope she’ll use it.. ^^; and the pins i got from jiayi are simple adorable..~~

honestly, i dont think i befriended anyone other than the people who came to my table… XD thanks so much for dropping by my table..buumoocoz she’s doing cosplay commissions and im seriously adoring this girl.. her costumes are amazing and she did so well in cosplaying them..~~ i barely recognized her til i heard her voice.. XD

she’s cosplaying orochimaru here.. i first met her at dotcon.. she looks so different here.. XD

i dont have that many pics, but i have a couple few in my fb–> anime north 2011 gallery