art thief… they sure have lots of free time..

sigh….. i don’t usually get frustrated with people posting my art elsewhere even if they reply “thanks” to the comments for my picture.. but yet again, more than just pretending, they even take time to smudge my signature and crop the picture to remove my watermark.. >___<

the victims:

proof of the crime:

i am still calm when i first saw this.. cropping the watermark at the bottom is very common….

oh well.. at least they took a fairly new art this time.. im slightly shrinking when i see my old arts being stolen… XD but seriously… previous art thieves wont even bother to crop the watermarks.. i was even thankful to them for spreading my drawings…. but this happens……….

^ i am being sarcastic… =,= errr….

cropped out the watermark and smudged my signature…. unbelievable.. it might not have taken so much of their time but re-watching an old anime is a better way to waste time…. lol.. just how much leisure time they have…? and all of the effort they put to save the file in their computer, crop and edit, post and get fake attention becomes pointless when the art has been removed and the comments they get for posting other’s work were never meant for them.. what’s the point of doing this..? v_v

i have no control over these people but i made sure all of my work had proper watermarks and signature.. i am grateful to those who look carefully, much more to those who would just recognize that it is mine.. *hugs* <3

i appreciate the reports.. it’s always nice to know there are people who’d take time to tell me about this…. >v<

and i was really surprised to find out the about this previous art thief:

^ this one is more likely using deviantart to post stuff he/she likes unaware of the consequence.. but it’s nice to see that he/she drew the same thing….. i guess he/she liked my drawing that much..?! lol……… >v<!!

pls go here to comment on the work and effort made for this one..

hours later, i came to my senses… art thieves help me spread my art.. some people recognize it with or without my watermarks… they’re amazing… but that doesn’t mean im in favor of other people taking credits for things they didn’t do…….. never.. but somehow it’s nice to know that my art is really worth stealing…. >v<!! it’s just frustrating sometimes coz my art and i needs some respect for all the effort it took me to make them… v_v” /end of drama.