This is my display at a 2017 convention.

My table consists of original artworks and fanart for the following anime/manga series:

Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail, Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) and other classic anime like Hunter x Hunter, Inuyasha and Cardcaptors.

I have these illustrations in regular posters, silk posters and vinyl posters. Some of them are available as postcards and bookmarks too. Depending on the traffic, I can work on a commission on the spot on canvas or paper.


I’m working on expanding my illustrations with original pieces mostly influenced by music and my daydreams. I’m working to draw more fanart from new and old series. Some random sketches are posted in my facebook page.

See you in a convention announced in my activities page! More artworks in my gallery.


^ Photo taken by Sor aka Immortality @ Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2017.