Art by reirei18. Some rights reserved.

Illustrations printed as a poster: (11×17 cardstock, 12×20 silk, 20×30 vinyl)
Sakura Memories by reirei18White Night by reirei18GAIA: Vim Naturae by reirei18Hisoka by reirei18Mirajane Strauss by reirei18Erza Scarlet by reirei18Zeref by reirei18Lucy by reirei18Uranus + Neptune by reirei18Mecury + Jupiter by reirei18Venus + Mars by reirei18seriously... by reirei18Moons Lullaby 2013 by reirei18Not Forgotten by reirei18Enma Ai by reirei18Kurenai by reirei18Nella Fantasia by reirei18when the love falls by reirei18Nostalgia by reirei18TinierMe :: weiwei by reirei18Harley by reirei18Wolverine by reirei18
Some images are available in bookmark size!
Limited copies of my original manga is available. Watch the short story HERE.
Commissions/Canvas art are available on the spot.