Commissions – OPEN

I opened my commissions again and got quite a lot of characters to draw already~

How my commission process goes:

* First pay, first serve. Pay half (or full) to trigger the start of the order.

* A preview will be shown via email and then the remaining balance must be paid.

The preview will not be necessarily the same to the final illustration. The pose and sketchy feel is just a preview especially intended for original characters to show the respectful owner if I drew them right before I work on their actual order.

Because of human schedule (such as part time job and my duties as a game master in 2 games), I cannot draw straight and finish the commission in one sitting so patience is greatly appreciated, however, expect your commission to be fully done within a week after the preview. If you are in a rush, say so just so I can balance my schedule and finish the order faster. Thank you for your interest in commissioning me.

Check this page for the price:

Here’s a recent commission: human to anime version.

commission for Jun Hong

Other commissions are posted in my facebook page and deviantart gallery.