School Stuff.. Game Projects..

やっと終わりました!school is over…~~! 

it’s been a long school year………. there’s lot to say but i’ll keep it short.. im tired… didn’t feel like it’s just a year and half not just because our longest break was 3 weeks on christmas and to think those 3 weeks are still working weeks for me, it added even more stress but so long….~~ what’s next..? more stress… OTL

anyways, during my time at RCC, we managed to finish 3 games… here’s a little breakdown of my contributions:

1st-2nd term game was for a game project by upper levels called “project rebirth”.. people were excited that they get to work on a game right on their first term.. i was one of them… XD

it was a 2d side-scrolling game.. i contributed monster concepts..

concept and character art for soldier class enemies.. done in illustrator..

and background art for the mountain and lava level.. done in photoshop..

it was also the first time i put effort on a background or rather the first time i did a “background” so im really thankful that this has been introduced to me.. else, i’d be drawing characters in a white bg forever.. jk.. ;p

as for this game, the developers don’t want to release the beta in public.. but if u see me somewhere and if i have windows by then, i can let u play and see what it’s like.. =P

for our 3rd-4th term game project, it’s our time to have under levels work with us.. lol.. it’s a really cool senpai-kohai co-op program within the academy.. anyways, we pitched game ideas but in the end, we chose to work for a game for Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation.. before i start with this, i worked for 2 teams.. well, one fell apart after we switched ideas though i liked the rpg idea we have at the beginning.. whatever happened, i have contributed concept art for characters..

<– was blogging this before.. XD

i havent posted the full scan of these concepts in my online galleries except for the girl in the middle and the color is still pending because i still can’t decide a satisfying color palette.. really.. any color will do or im probably stuck at the idea of making a flash file so people can just choose their own colors… but im lazy so nevermind.. black and white is cool… yeah? >v<! (cargo: listen to that song.. it’s good..^-^)

moving on, i was invited to a different team.. it was just about after we changed the rpg game idea to a shooter with no character for me to draw so i left and joined that other team who needed me..

the game idea was a flash-based action adventure.. not sure of the genre but whatever.. i contributed concept art for characters and illustrations for the presentation..

and another illust.. chibi version.. which i doubt i posted in my online galleries.. XD

anyways.. presentations happened but neither was chosen for our school game.. i dunno what happened to this mad science project.. i saw a beta with my 2d art shooting flash art during the presentation but i guess this has been cancelled coz we had to work on the chosen game project–pitched by the program chair.. of course everyone would vote for that game idea especially if it’s for Tim Hortons..!

i contributed concept art for characters, colored the animated character assets and touch ups..

full concepts will be posted in my gallery soon.. *will take some time to fix site soon* :>

this game will be published and donated for charity sponsored by the Academy of Design at RCC Toronto.. it would’ve been my first game title if i didn’t join the AAH game for xbox360 which i havent played yet.. @_@;

anyways, we went in the site to research more about our client and the farm as this game is about farming..

see pics here –> trip to Onondaga Farms <–

ah, and this game was supposed to be in stop motion.. we had to make a clay version of these characters and sucks.. i had to do the human…. OTL… i got pics from my previous blogs.. XD

it was a nightmare indeed… i dont remember how many times i complained on how hard the clay was.. i was afraid i wont be able to draw again after this but it was exaggerated.. lol.. i managed to finish but didnt get a chance to take a pic of the final product.. it was broken when it was baked so “boom!” sayonara clay and we just made this game in flash as we suggested in the beginning of this production… why bothered with clay..? because a stop-motion game in our portfolio would be cool… yeah.. unfortunately, it didn’t happen… >x< lost money, lost time.. lesson learned.. XD

but the flash version turned out really nice and fast.. just a sample of the art by Kristina Scott and Vanessa Trepanier..

theoretically, it’s my concept and colors, they did the animation frames.. but im glad that the animators kept the style.. kudos to them..~! ♥

im pretty sure some people are still working on this to fix bugs.. it wont be long til this game is ready for public though i doubt it’s gonna be up for public public.. it was specifically made for the kids when they trip to Onondaga Farms and attend the program.. regardless, it’s still a published game.. :>

lastly, 5th-6th term…… the nightmare project… game title is “Nightmare” and the production itself is a nightmare.. jk.. XD

it’s a survival horror game for pc.. a 3d game with assets made in maya and powered by udk..

i contributed concept art for the character and enemies.. quite a few enemy concept has been scrapped coz it appeared to be too expensive for the time we have.. XD this one’s a scrapped concept..

other concepts will be posted in my gallery soon.. *^^;*

i also contributed illustrations of the interiors.. kid’s room, parent’s room, hallway, library, music room and art room… light and dark version…

also contributed textures of the characters.. models are done by other people so when i post in my gallery, i will credit them for their awesome work.. they even did the unwrapping which saved me coz i find it troublesome stitching shells and whatnot… =v=”

i also did the intro cinematic for this game.. from storyboarding, art and animation… a minute-worth of cinematic using photoshop and after effects.. i worked on this for 2 weeks..! >A<!! it was a lot of work…. i complained a lot on the interiors as it was also my first time in doing interiors but this was a much more stressful experience… XD whatever.. it’s done and i’ll share the video in my gallery too..

and finally the box art…

free print courtesy of printworx media.. lol… i’ll post the art in the gallery too.. ^^;

as far as i know some people are willing to continue to make this game a full fledged game.. it was a good team.. i learned a lot and stressed a lot with these guys.. jk.. but it was a productive project.. best of luck to these people..

moving on, today was the last day of school and it really had to end with a “final” finals.. XD

finals for texturing class.. a high poly gun and a baked normal on a low poly version.. a lot of flaws as i prefer not to model if i was given a choice.. im lazy i admit and this process requires a lot of patience and i lack that plus im such a procrastinator but in the end, all i needed was a day to work on these.. XD

and lastly… full body for the character modeling and animation without the animation part.. XD

color is just apply color.. XD was gonna texture but……. not required for marks.. plus i hate dont like unwrapping.. >v<!! it’s not so high quality.. done in maya and supposed to be edited in zbrush but no more time.. 1 day was not enough for this one.. XD

concept is by –> [link]

that is it.. and thats the end of my school stuff submissions… i doubt this sums up my year and a half at the academy but it’s already such a long post.. i wouldnt bother to read it if i were u so thank u for taking the time… and sorry.. i want to keep this site clean without comments so just keep sending comments thru the contact or email.. thank you..~ *^^*

PS: 長かったのような、短くのような気がする...どっちでもいい。とにかく学校はもう終わりました!たぶんクラスメイトと先生たちとはもう会いないんでしょうけど、本当に感謝しています。そして、あの人にも。いつも笑顔で、いつも黒い格好で...悔しい!最後に会った時を思い出すことができない!;∆;残念です。いつかまた会うといいな。:)←本当はこれだけ日本語で言いたかったの。:P