Unposted + WIP

some private commissions for commercial use were prohibited from public galleries but it’s in my commission terms to have my art posted online coz im sick and tired of art thieves and at least i can prove that i posted them first.. XD

though i dont think inverting them hides the concept, i have the right by all means.. >v<

the second image has been recently posted in my deviantart and theotaku gallery.. i thought of posting all my future art in this site but i’ll just keep them in my deviantart gallery for consistency.. and while im trying to keep my devart gallery clean from wips, i post drafts and etc (such as the image above this post) in my otaku world http://theotaku.com/worlds/reirei18wips..

and some wips for other commission..

invert/difference is cool but doent work quite well with others.. ^^;

cargo: almost done with my contributions for the online rpg Love And War

^ a preview of a cutscene wip…
if you’re interested in beta testing this game, pls contact ofloveandwar@hotmail.com