birthday and gifts..

24.. i’m 24… psh.. no big deal….. >_>

nevermind the age, im overjoyed with these amazing gifts.. <3

from the maker of Love and War online RPG..
  by Admiral Styles

first thing i saw when i woke up… i was like *wow* my story is now in RPG mode..?! XD i was too happy to get back in reality that this is only just a one-clip screenshot of how it could be like if it was an actual RPG.. XD i was so excited just thinking of the possibility.. but too bad i have no power to make this happen… OTL yeah.. maybe someone can make this real for me..? @v@ btw, this person, Admiral Styles, is the creator of the current RPG project I’m working along with King-sama as the other artist, Chris Hurn as the music man and other awesome voice actors~ we’re looking for beta testers so if you’re willing to try out the remake of the Love and War Act 1, let us know so we can give you the beta… and look forward to the release of the Act 1… i feel bad for the delays in the artwork but I will work on the remaining cutscenes as soon as Im done with the commissions.. almost done.. >x<

for the mean time, check out the website for LAW –> Love And War <– *thumbsup*


i checked out my deviantart and saw a bunch of greetings.. checked out theOtaku and read a lot of messages and gift icons… >//v//< thank you…..~~~<3

and most especially to these wonderful gift arts.. *hugs*

it was an early gift art by chocobikies aka 15385bic on theOtaku.. really love how she combined all my favorite things in life in this picture.. stars, water, hair and sailor moon..~! >v<! thanks bic.. <3


me as a vampire by Mairionette.. i can’t believe i’m seeing myself in this one… she’s really an amazing artist and a great friend.. lol at our long conversations and horror craze.. XD thanks mai.. @v@


my beloved ocs Rei and Rei by snowp.. aaaaah…….. i adore her style..~~ and she has a very neat handwriting.. *see top left* <3 gaaah… this really makes me want to draw my ocs more… thanks Angela for this awesome gift art..~ i didn’t see this while i was browsing your sketchbook and I really appreciate your time and thoughtfulness… *hugs* <3


perfect for an e-card gift by magicbut3rfly.. <3 kyuuu~~ she also gave me my 2nd cake badge in deviantart.. *huggles* really loving the freshness in here.. start the new age fresh and breezy.. lol… XD

yuiko101 sent me my first cake badge in deviantart.. thank you..!! <3


a sailor mars fanart dedicated by starwishermidnight.. it’s better late than never.. =P thank u… as well as the big cookie attached in her description.. *hugs* <3


a sweet fanart of myself from AngelBest Dream.. using my picture as the reference, it was really cool to see a different and less creepy version.. XD thanks Angel..~


Hinata fanart from Chrissy aka FalseDelusion.. u just gotta love the way she draws realism.. <3 we always go to anime cons in toronto and i cosplay as Hinata so there you go.. too bad i dont have the bangs and right eyes to make a good hinata cosplayer.. i appreciate the thought and dedication but i dont think i’ll have that bangs ever…. >x<


a rei hino fanart dedicated by infinatelove42 from theOtaku… it was such a sweet dedication.. i really appreciate the thought behind this.. *glomps* <3


a wonderful e-card from vivianlove from theOtaku.. such sweet thoughts are very much appreciated… *huggles and kisses* <3


and finally.. omg… i got 3 amazing gift arts from this person.. King-sama from theOtaku..~~<3

i got his early gift arts 18 days early.. i was really surprised to get a random email especially from him coz he’s just kyaaah…. he is King-sama..!

i was really happy and contented when i knew that he did these for me coz he’s just an amazing artist and i look up to him and he’s such an inspiration and he motivates me to draw more especially my ocs.. im still in awe while looking at these 2 with his original characters..<3

and then im glad i stayed up late to catch another gift art from him… i’ll be smiling in my sleep.. or can i sleep while thinking of this..? XD

im really honored and happy to receive these gift arts.. i just feel bad that i couldnt update this story.. yet… im working on it.. >w<

but anyways… many thanks to these gift arts.. im in great debt with u guys and will always be grateful for these special arts..

thank you might not be enough.. but thank you….. very much…. 



the dinner…… =x=;

thats a lot of food……… @___@!

and just one of the decent pics..

with Tita Beng from Tita Beng.. <3

i dont really feel like posting the other pictures coz im fat and full but maybe i’ll post pics from the house party that’ll be on the 30th to celebrate birthday with cousin from new jersey.. ;)


next is the ai-kon review…. a little late but it should be up… soon… :>