House Party

Celebrating with my cousin Jasmine’s birthday at home..

lotsa food and lots of people came… most of them are mom’s co-workers and family friends..

3 friends stayed but I gotta thank Karen and ate May for dropping by.. they just missed the ^Lechon.. and caramilk.. ;)

Mavic was able to sing.. :> hopefully to her heart’s content coz there were a lot of titas in line for the mic.. XD

my merch for sale in our wall.. XD not for sale anymore coz of the damage.. =/

some titos were able to sing before they go out to drink..

^the tunggaan club.. lol.

cakes… 10 days late for me and 2 days late for her.. She’s off to New Jersey and thus the caption:

^Janine on the side will blow her cake on August 4…. @w@;

seriously, ever since I got home, there’s always a lot of food… I need to get away from this party diet before I ruin my cosplays.. XD



Jayden’s gift..~~<3 just kidding.. he is the gift.. <3

he’s just too cute.. >v<!!



ps: thank you for the recent subscribers and feedbacks.. loads of site updates on the way.. thanks for staying tune..~ *^^*