Graphics and others

Wassup~ I’m still alive… art-wise kinda dead for months but here’s an upcoming work in progress for a commission.

Commissions are now closed because I just submitted my applications to game companies in Toronto and Vancouver… and maybe I’ll try to apply in Harmonix and pitch a similar game to BandMaster haha….. So far I’m enjoying my time as a game master managing large communities for 2 different games.. they both give me a headache but it’s fun…..coz not only I get to play it, I also get some freebies for being active! HEHEHE…. but managing 2 online games with different community is a very hectic job with a very tight schedule but at least I’m done with my contributions for the game development part.. see Games for more info.. >__<

Meanwhile, I have been doing other services such as graphic arts for forum signatures and banners/edits for announcements. Click the image to view more samples.

view more graphic arts
view more screenshot edits

Just trying to take a break for a while before I grab my pencils again for some more artwork soon!

Happy holidays! ^_____^v