Horror Con 2016

Where: RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg
When: February 13-14, 2016


Thanks to the generous table space, I was able to display bigger posters and more stands which helped grabbed people’s attention. And luckily my spot is near the autograph session for Kane Hodder aka Jason, I got extra audience. He’s so close.. I got a stolen shot of him smiling in my camera lol… cute.


He did some stunts but it was too sudden I wasn’t able to record.. oh well.. watch his films!

Some people took pics of me and my art… In my head I thought maybe one of them is a newspaper contributor again haha… (2012 news)

Lots of zombies and horror stuff display. It’s a horror con, but more like an exhibition. Still a good show for those who are into horror but I didn’t see any horror house.. I was kinda expecting the entrance would be a hall of something like a horror house but nothing, just displays.. the only horror thing that happened was that guy in guitar randomly screaming out of nowhere… creepy. It’s weird that they’re doing a horror theme convention during valentines but I guess it worked?

No idea about other vendors but even though we were in a good spot, it’s still super slow in terms of sales but lots of people walking by especially touching the big prints.. at first I mind, but later on I just, whatever… but thanks to the slow times, I was able to draw again.. omg.. haha!


A girl saw me drawing this and wowed at first but when she came back about an hour later she said, “aaaaaand she’s still drawing the hair!” *stomps* LOL….. how can she be impatient while I’m trying to be patient haha… but hairs.. probably because it’s been a long time since I last drew some hair that I put extra effort and more cautious on doing it now? I got a band aid on my finger to help decrease the pressure.. that’s my tip for today and that concludes this blog.

If I don’t procrastinate further, this’ll be ready for Sakuracon this March! *fingers crossed*

Next convention: Sakuracon in Seattle, WA. Confirmed! See you there~

AnimeUSA 2015 Review

Where: Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington DC
When: Oct.30-Nov.1,2015

First time in Washington, the place is so nice… the only thing is traffic, not traffic as in traffic but too many beeps which you won’t hear much in Canada haha but still a great place and the weather omg is beautiful… a big difference to the weather here in Winterpeg.. i mean Winnipeg.


Anyways, the convention.. as what most people say, it is a very very slow convention….. the only time it was fast was when it’s near closing time.. as in busy! I was like farming crops.. lol.. ah, I miss those farming days in Anime North lol. I’m glad I stayed til 10pm coz people there are really using their time well haha.

My best selling work this time is Erza…. glad I finished it on time.


My Sailor Moon fanart is still popular but only 7 people bought a 5-piece set.. (I counted.. lol) I also sold more posters this time! Sold out Enma Ai and the Sailor Moon team posters.. they’re old but still gold. I’ll be getting rid of some old posters soon.

On the spot commissions, I did one per day.. surprisingly I finished them within an hour because there’s just not too many people..


day 1 was spider girl.. I was like, no.. I can’t, I’ve never done a hairless head but I liked the boobs part.. so ok, it turned out ok.. lol.. day 2 was a commission for panty and stocking from two chicks cosplaying as panty and stocking..


it was almost near closing time and I was hesitant coz there’s people and I wanted to check on those people checking my stuff but I kinda rushed it and did it in an hour… yey.. day 3 was the easiest and it was pleasant to do that original character based from sailor mars and sailor neptune wearing a school uniform.. I was like, oh easy! lol.. made me want to draw mistress 9 from sailor moon after doing that one.. eh, someday~ I’m really lazy to do commissions during conventions coz not only they take my attention away from the people looking around but also gives a lot of pressure on my shoulder… my posture is just terrible when rushing drawings.

cosplayers.. I took a few pics. I’m standing most of the time and was able to catch some.


Other cosplayers in my facebook page >> Anime USA 2015 album

Also, check this out! On the spot request haha.. good job!

That’s about it for AnimeUSA 2015. Met some cool people and thanks to everyone who bought stuff especially the bulk buyers on the last minute. I will probably not gonna be here again coz there are other cons overlapping this one.. but there are other cons near the state. Others have also mentioned that they go to Otakon and Katsucon so I might see them there too. I’ll be looking out for the registration for those cons so see you there too! Cheers!

One Ok Rock concert in Toronto (2015)

Where: Danforth Hall, Toronto Ontario
When: October 1, 2015

My first time attending their concert! All this time I’ve only watched their concert in youtube but the chance to see them live came suddenly haha.. I didn’t hesitate to buy a ticket! I just told my bro how much I regret not attending their concert last year after watching the youtube clips haha.. I rushed my airfare but it’s sooo worth it! (besides, I have some unfinished business in Toronto so it was kinda like a sign to go~~wooh!)



I thought I was early at 4pm but there’s already a line up! probably about a block long or longer.. we were seated in the top balcony and thanks to that we got a great view.. through my phone.. hahaha.. way too many people…….. it’s a full house.. they need to get a bigger venue next time haha and i’ll make sure to be there too next time!


Watch it here:

I was not gonna record it full but because I have a better view through my phone, I recorded anyway… but I missed 2 or 3 songs and some cuts near the end… my phone… grrrr… :( it keep running out of space and the sound quality is fluctuating too… I thought it was just my earphone when I rewatched it.. oh well.. we heard them live and that’s the best ever!

Overall, the concert is amazing as expected! The crowd is amazing too when they sing along.. Taka is right.. you guys are fvcking great hahaha! It was definitely worth going and will come again next time! Good luck to their other concert worldwide! See you again next time~

Saw them in their autograph session while we’re on the looong line up for the merch..

sorry Taka haha it’s my one and only close up stolen shot.. >v<!

^_^v One Ok Rock rocks! グレート!

Winnipeg Tox Expo 2015

where: Viscount Gort Hotel, Winnipeg
when: September 20, 2015

Just a one-day local con. Because I procrastinated so much in reprinting the sold out posters/buttons, I only sold the left overs…. last minute prep, no stress, no expenses, got profit. That’s the best thing I like about local cons haha.

I’m almost out of silk posters and I dunno if I should reproduce them coz I don’t even try to sell them as much as I did when I first have them. I’m being considerate with the buyers.. when I see them concerned with their budget, I offer them the better deal…. which is the regular poster or a smaller print but I always have my silk poster samples ready but yeah.. I was kinda pointing out the cheaper deals… wrong marketing strategy.. :( but oh well, at least they are happy with it and I only lose bigger profit. Only serious fans would buy my silk posters now haha…. and to that one guy earlier who seemed to just bought it just because…. lol… I dunno.. we had a tiny conversation and he seemed nice so he bought one… haha thank you mister! he’s one of the most memorable guy today because I did not understand our conversation and he just ended up buying.. lol.. he did not seem like he’d buy something when he first came to my table haha.. Also met a mother of a Disney artist? WOW… I hope her daughter will love that White Night poster and maybe talk to me……. hahaha *im serious!* Met a bunch of amazing people… including yaoi and hentai fans?! wew……. I dunno how our topic got there and normally talked and laughed about it.. lol.

Anyway.. seriously, I need to work on a new display and new things to display but my heart is still not ready to let go of those Sailor Moon and other illustrations.. we’ll see.

Next con is Anime USA in Washington~ now I really need to reprint posters…. >v<!


I finished my setup early, some idle times and when I got tired of greeting people… no seriously, when I greet them, they go away… omg! but when I just draw, they stay and watch……. it’s not comfy to draw while people are watching… but anyways.. here…


not sure what to do with the hair/headgear.. it’s a custom class in Zeta Ragnarok Online that opened yesterday (September 19) and in exchange of my custom sprite in game.. haha bribing the admin (Jake) and the sprite artist with this.. :v

see that fairy on the top left? click on this screenshot to view my name.. lol


yep, that’s my npc quest~ but I want the sprite to be my original character not a fairy.. im no fairy.. lol.. anyways… join us!! http://zeta-ro.net/ I’m an active GM staff player in afk mode always… i mean alt tab photoshopping or watching anime/kdrama. >v<


next blog: One Ok Rock concert in Torontooooooooooooomg!! I got my plane ticket! I’m so excited!! See ya!


A preview of something..


All pencil works I did before summer are now scanned.. just need to color and stuff.. I apologize for the procrastination on the art side because we’re on our way in releasing or rather bringing back the infamous ZetaRO~ I was assigned as one of the Game Moderators and helping out in the community forum/discussion/chitchats with the gamedevs etc.. ZetaRO is coming soon! Check out the website: http://zeta-ro.net/

Anyway, I just wanna stay at home and watch anime or kdrama today… but looking at my to do list, seems impossible so I’ll just listen to jrock songs while photoshopping that pic, texture paints for a project, and work on stuff to sell for my next conventions. Listening to jrock songs will keep me awake and alive while multitasking.. hopefully.

Speaking of jrock……….. OMG……. I’m so excited to get the opportunity to watch my favorite jrock band live… in Toronto~ I missed it last year but I’m not gonna miss it this year~ yessssssss! \^o^! check them out: One Ok Rock in youtube


I heard they’ll have a concert in Philippines next year January!! so gotta save and try to visit homeland and reunite with my friends from BandMaster too~ ^v^

Summer is about to end.. had lots of activities with family, lots of traveling……… and lots of food. For the hungry like me, try this asian style feast… the boodle fight. That’s really a lot. 3 tables long and we finished it in one lunch.. well.. there’s 3 families digging on it anyway.. lol.


Ok so I’m actually on a diet now.. stop feeding me……… :3 but summer didn’t end just yet with that trip to the Victoria Beach and foods.. lots of July birthday celebrants in our family.. bro (july 2), cousin (july 5), mom (july 10), aunt (july 19), me (july 20), cousin (july 28) so basically every week we have a party…. >_< august 4 is also my other cousins bday just before I leave to Montreal. My dad’s bday is today but we already feasted yesterday with family friends and of course, another feast today because it’s the actual day… haaaaaays omg.. when can I start the actual diet? LOL.

Anyway.. I got some nerve to waste time and write.. I’ll go back to work now haha. See you guys in my next coming conventions~

September 20: Toy Expo in Winnipeg, MB
October 29-Nov 1: Anime USA in Washington, DC

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Otakuthon 2015 Review

where: Palais des congrès de Montréal
when: August 7-9, 2015

It’s my first time in Montreal outside the airport. I’ve been a Canadian citizen for many years now but this is the first time I felt like I’m in a foreign country… LOL. Main language is french and people talk to me in french naturally. I studied Japanese, knows a little Korean and some Thai but I’m in Canada and did not study french. Shame.. :(

Anyways.. the convention.. I dunno. I’m stuck in my artist table in the artist alley as usual and it felt average. I’m not sure if it was worth paying for the premium artist table because we’re just beside the regular artist alley. In the end it’s all about the location of your table and the art gallery…. it was just quietly sitting in the very dark corner. None of my buyers knew about the art gallery thing. I get the same “woah” “kyah” “omg” expressions from people and I somewhat felt bad for not telling them I have exclusive mounted posters in the art gallery for auction because they are already eager to buy the regular/silk posters which are more expensive than the minimum bidding price in the art gallery. I took my pieces down earlier after realizing the gallery is not worth it but anyways… sales in my table were stable. My spot was good enough.. if there’s people, a bunch more will come but if there’s none, there’s none at all. There are some idle moments as in no one’s walking in front of us or it’s just an event hour.. but I’m probably not attracting enough customers because my pipe display was too big to be in a baggage and my cubes were too heavy so I only brought a few. But thanks to my neighbors who had a really huge and tall display, some people walked towards me too.. lol. Nevertheless, I am surprised to have sold out a bunch of pins, bookmarks and prints regardless of my raised price tags (nothing is worth a dollar now – just tried and it works). Someone have said that if they like it, they’ll buy it regardless of the price..and if it’s expensive, they’ll ask for a deal. Nobody asked for a deal, I impulsively offered just because I think they’ll buy more if I offered a deal.. and so they did. I get that “Oh, ok” a lot when I told them it’s 2 for $5 and so on.. and then they take a lot of their time again to choose which one to get. I just noticed they have troubles choosing what. People tell me they want to buy all….. then buy all! LOL…….. hahaha overall, it was a good business! People are nice and friendly.. I just wish I can understand french so I know what they’re talking about while choosing which item and their thoughts about the pics.. oh well~ I also got a few “keep the change” tips from this con.. haha… Merci beaucoup!

This girl, I dunno her name but she’s one of my rich buyers in that con. Thank you for being rich and generous! She bought a Sailor Moon silk poster set plus that last stock of the Sailor Konoha silk poster. It’s hard to order silk posters now and they’re quite expensive to order too so that’ll be the last of that image and she has it now~ *remembrance* ^_^


I saw a few non-cosplaying attendants or I just didn’t see that many since most of my buyers are dressed as some character… there’s a bunch of cool cosplayers as usual!


Check the other pics in my facebook page: www.facebook.com/reirei18

Old friends from Toronto… Me with Sam and Ron.


It’s been more than 2 years since I last saw them! They haven’t changed or rather changed for good but I grew fat so they kinda inspire me to go back to the old me cosplaying and attending more cons outside~

Last day in Montreal we went to the Basilique church in Notre Dame. As expected, the mass is in french haha. I already took pics before I saw the no pics sign.. sorry. =P


And then flew back to Winnipeg… so tired and my feet hurts from all the walking even before the con started. Really really bad idea to explore and do stuff before con starts…. but thank God I was able to managed during the con with my sore feet and tired legs. Also thanks to the nightly salonpas strips.. lol.

But yes… even after arriving in Winnipeg, I’m still tired so.. I’ll be resting a little more then back to work…………. for now, back to sleep~


River City Expo 2015 Review

where: Viscount Gort Hotel near Polo Park, Winnipeg
when:  June 21, 2015

Just a 1 day con and it was during Father’s Day and Manitoba Marathon. The con is from 10am-5pm but people started coming around lunch time. It felt like there’s only 4-5 hours sales time. I saw familiar faces and repeat customers (thank you thank you for always trying to buy everything!! lol..) but majority who bought from me are new to my stuff… and probably why I did well despite the not-so-good day was because I’m the only anime booth?……in a comic and toy expo.. lol.. why not? I tried and sort or earned my hotel fare for Otakuthon on August.. but anyways, the admission today was free but there’s not so many people…. because it’s just a not-so-good-day so I guess those who knew about this con went there to buy some cheaper stuff than normal. The table beside me was selling everything in 50% off! Well, it’s fan appreciation day so I kinda gave away some free stickers too.. haha.

The night before the con, I was doing some last minute mounting and counting of the left overs to sell.. lol.

06212015_00And because it’s a fan appreciation day and I kinda honored that, I sold bookmarks/postcards/pins for a $1 each.

And did I mention I was there since 7am to setup my table? Yeah.. I finished my setup after an hour or so and ate breakfast then started scribbling. I ended up finishing 2 pieces today just because there’s just too many idle moments so might as well draw.

06212015_02I’ll get them ready for Otakuthon.. I’ll be working on the others while monitoring some game management jobs and a game design project that I recently accepted. Details about that project next time~ for now, rest and sleep.

Once again, thank you Winnipeg buyers. This’ll be the last con for this year in Winnipeg but I’ll be back next year or the year after for newer artworks!


Next convention: Otakuthon – August 7-9, 2015 @ Palais des congrès de Montréal